The resistivity of a line resistance per unit of length is generally a published characteristic of the line, but may also be measured empirically. Line losses for segment ab plus transformer losses, where the meter is on the opposite side of the transformer from the compensated line. Line 3 may remain blank NONE, by default. These are generally the impedance characteristics of any lines, the test data for the transformer, the CT and VT ratios of the instrument transformers. Add Line ab, Line cd, and Transformer losses.

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Since the meter is upstream from the point of delivery, all four settings must be negative in order for the losses to be subtracted from the uncompensated power. The results given in the spread sheet are the five settings to be entered in the M configuration.

Calculate the settings required to configure an M650 so

If the meter is located at d and the point of delivery is at a Figure 12 the results shown below are the settings A, B, C, and D for the M By making the settings positive, the losses will be added to the uncompensated measurements in order to produce compensated measurements.

Resources to familiarize yourself with the implementation of Loss Compensation on the M Case 4 Same as Case 2 No compensation necessary.

Presumes the voltage drop across line segment cd is negligible. All instructions following will be concerned only with the calculation of the coefficients A, B, C, and D. Begin with the definition: Just below the space for the injected values, there is a section indicating the predicted values for uncompensated total watts, uncompensated total VARs, uncompensated total VA, compensated total watts, and compensated total VARs. In the window that appears, Figure A4, click Apply.


Line losses only, segment ab. Same as Case 1 Subtract Line cd losses only.

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No password is needed to unprotect the sheet. Add Line ab and Transformer losses. If you care to modify a protected cell, simply unprotect the sheet first.

The Comp Testing spread sheet may be used to calculate the predicted values for any combination of the settings A, B, C, D, and E, and injected voltage, current and phase angle. The meter might be located at any point defined in Figure 2; a, b, c, or d; and the point of delivery might likewise be at a, dispplay, c, or d.

Users who do not intend to use system losses should simply set E equal to zero. Use the process described in Case 1 to determine Acd and Ccd.

Be sure the signs of the settings are all positive, so the losses will be added to the uncompensated measurements in order to produce compensated measurements. Loss compensation on the M takes displayy following general form: All information specifically related to Loss Compensation, including a copy of this application note, a spread sheet to help calculate the meter settings and firmware v3.


There are a couple possible sources of error to watch out for, however. To add losses, be sure the settings are all positive. After calculating the settings you want to enter, make an Ethernet connection to the M Therefore, in Case 1, the settings B and D are both equal to zero.

A meter having model number MM3P, for example, has the M3 option code and can support loss compensation. Enable a local display of uncompensated Watts and VARs for the purpose of testing.

Calculate the settings required to configure an M so |

One is for calculating all the settings related to Line Losses. In order to see the uncompensated watts and VARs, you must first create and then enable dipslay custom screen on the display. This is accomplished simply by multiplying line impedance by the square of the turns ratio of the power transformer: The other tab shown is for calculating all the settings m560 to Transformer Losses, for entering the System Losses, and for reading the Results. This page lists all the screens possible for the meter to scroll through.

Settings should always have the same sign. Resources to Familiarize yourself with the implementation of Loss Compensation on the M