This item doesn’t belong on this page. Qualcomm Snapdragon chip heading to 5G phones in early Show less Show more. Turn it up all the way, and this Microsoft device could light up even the darkest room. The lighting dial at the top of the device lets you adjust the brightness in increments.

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With a macro, you can automate a series of tasks to one button, giving you an edge over the opponent. Skip to main content. The first was retired to the back up computer used by my grand children and still works very well. The volume control dial lets you set your sound to the exact volume you want.

You may also like. I’ve banged my fists down on it when suffering from gamer’s rage. It replaced another that I have had for several years and used to play the Call of Duty series games.

Does what it’s supposed to do I actually really like this keyboard. Microsoft has some good news in store for gamers.

Microsoft SideWinder X6 AGB00001 Wired Keyboard

It’s illuminated, has integrated sound and brightness controls, detachable number pad and programmable key bindings above what a standard keyboard gives you.

This feature allows you to virtually hold down a button for repeated keystrokes without actually physically doing so. This desktop keyboard lets you take your gaming to the next level with 90 programmable macros.


Volume wheel is in a perfect position allowing the user to intuitively adjust volume on the fly. When you’re ready to decimate the competition in online warfare, there are two modes. These Microskft are stored on the PC hard drive so that gamers can easily share it.

You can mute all sound coming from your PC with one keystroke, and audio buttons let you quickly switch to the next track on your music apps. The included software lets you program these commands with ease. These media buttons let you play and pause any video you watch on your PC. Do not underestimate sdiewinder convenience of a Volume wheel, they are hands down the best volume control method and the positioning of it on the Mkcrosoft couldn’t be better they absolutely nailed it.

You can use this feature to hold down up to four buttons simultaneously.

Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard and SideWinder X5 Mouse for Gamers – TechShout

The latest series includes X5 Mouse and X6 Keyboard. The SideWinder has a broad array of media keys similar to what you would see on laptops. Since then I’ve bought many fancy top-end mechanical and membrane keyboards- all of which fell epicly short of expectations and weren’t even close to offering the reliability, the comfort, ergonomics and ease of use as the X6 Sidewinder.


Best keyboard in Existence! The only reason I bought another is because maybe years down the track it might be worn out and I wouldn’t be miceosoft to source another. The SideWinder will automatically load the correct profile the moment you boot up a title.

That’s what the X6 is, it’s a work of art and genius. Further, realizing that WASD are the keys used by gamers very often, the X6 has front-face lighting for these keys for enhanced visibility.

You can give your fingers and keys a rest by using the SideWinder’s Cruise Control feature. I actually really like this keyboard. Show More Show Less. I bought one of these when they first came. For example, a macro in a first-person shooting game will allow you to crouch and shoot with just one press. This software is micrpsoft with systems from Windows Vista on up.

Also, it’s heavy so it doesn’t move around much during hectic matches, which I like.