Since the P2K mode used is supposed to be prevalent in a lot of the motorola phones. This option requires basic OS understanding. Found solution to my problem myself I have been compiling moto4lin They combine unintentionally bad engineering with deliberately consumer unfriendly policies AKA: I have tried everything that I can find and think of but no luck with getting to work. I’ve grabbed all the dependencies, and moto4lin from the cvs repository but when I go to “make” the file I’m getting a error.

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As if to taunt me.

Looking for USB drivers for motorola a41x/v32x

After about 5 minutes: There is an Ubuntu package available in Gutsy. I’m trying to set up a razr V3 at least that’s what it says on the serial label and having no luck. Update list etc does not work with this phone but very well with other 2. What version of U K ubuntu are vv32x using?

Called “net usershare info” but it failed: Please connect it Try to connect motorolw No phone found. Motorola A41x V32x B1. No route to host I know the how to says there will be an error message, but is this the one? I am brand new to Ubuntu though so thats not saying much.


It does not seem to actually check. I tried the svn instruction but am having a problem with qmake and make. USB disconnect, address 3 Mar 26 I always gave it a recent date less than one year old.

I tried with an L6 and a V3r and bingo works perfect. One more thing – when I run moto4lin it doesn’t show my phone, it doesn’t show very much honestly.

Motorola V325i and V323i

I will install this package when I get home and post results. If everything goes ok, you have installed moto4lin successfully. For some odd reason the numbers of the AT and P2K vendors keeps changing on me. Considering it’s windows mobile im not surprised really.

Anyone know what the broken pipe message is about. After downloading and installing Motorola A41x V32x, or the a411x installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: I had to change some settings for moto4lin to work!

Motorola A41x V32x Driver Download

Anyone got their E working, or have a suggestion of where I should go to get help on that project? I then tried it in a couple of others deleting it if it didn’t work.


Your computing experience will get better, trust me!

Ok I downloaded the svn version but I don’t know where I downloaded it too. Thanks for any info.

I think cvs in moto4lin is dead. Operation not supported Nautilus-Share-Message: I,m wanted to use moto4lin on my old handphone Motorola E It works great now that I edited the file directly though. No such file or directory mitchell being my username – am i pointing it to sub right file? After it finishes let it automatically start the updater. You can reboot or change it in the preferences as needed just look on the list, no connection on ttyACM0 but ttyACM1 exists, ding ding ding, there’s your solution.