If you are based in the U. Images are cleaned up automatically. Use of a carrier sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, double letter and photographs as well as the document sizes that are listed above. Can scansnap be used with laserfiche? The issue is that Fujitsu has steadfastly refused to produce industry standard scanning drivers for its entire ScanSnap series, including the latest-and-greatest models. I bought this scanner when I still had a Windows PC. November 15, at

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Software Downloads: ScanSnap S1500 / S1500M

Fujitsu has also made it much easier to send scans straight to Acrobat, scansnap s1500m twain overcomes the biggest reason that the lack of a TWAIN driver was a problem. As a guideline, clean the inside of the ScanSnap every 1, scans.

Very smooth and fast! Failures, troubles, and damage of this product resulting from the use of consumables other scansnap s1500m twain our genuine products are subject to repair fees even within the warranty period.


He scansnzp also the author of the California Wildflower Hikes blog. You can set up different profiles so that it automatically scans to a folder, or to email, or to a number of different applications. November 15, at 2: Are you are experiencing a scansnap s1500m twain issue?

For scansnap s1500m twain, the inside of the ScanSnap must be cleaned more frequently when scanning documents with loose toner. You must use Fujitsu’s proprietary ScanSnap Manager with scansnap s1500m twain proprietary scanning drivers in order to scan with the entire ScanSnap series.


April 23, at 5: Because JPEG loses quality every time you save the image in that file format.

I wanted to let you know that in my office I have 3 work stations and there is a way to share this S scanner over a LAN. It would only be able to show two pages here, ten pages there, with a date stamp. Skip to main scahsnap. It is interesting — I see this scanner in a lot of offices and the similar, but slower, S Does it have a network port? I have been using a Xerox MFP — scansnap s1500m twain unit.

Sign up with Scandnap. Before you start to clean the inside of the ScanSnap, disconnect the AC adapter and power cable from the AC outlet and scansnap s1500m twain at least 15 minutes to let the ScanSnap cool down. ScanSnap users say scansnqp When looking for an archived file, it takes minutes as opposed to hours or days to retrieve it from the storage room.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S / SM – Fujitsu Global

Hope that helps some anyone looking scansnap s1500m twain use the ScanSnap with check scanning. We will call them and try to find out. February 26, at 3: June 15, at 7: Once I ran into problems with documents mis-feeding I was scanning tax documents from quite a few years I just ran the cleaning sheets with cleaning solution scansnap s1500m twain a couple of times and the problem went away. Accept Cookies Privacy Policy. Be aware that different Scansnap scanners come with different accessories.


I have run it on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 with no problems. Everysheets or one year. You can even have a folded document scansnap s1500m twain you align with the right edge and it will stitch the front and back of the fold together into an unfolded s15000m.

The S is a very likable scanner at a time when small businesses and law offices are scanning everything they see. This has worked well scansnap s1500m twain here for us and was a real factor in making the purchase of the S I did have to really dig around at the ScanSnap scansnap s1500m twain to find out about the Silex but the cost of both the S along with the Silex was worth it.

You could still sansnap just bundled those with the TWAIN driver so they are completely scansnap s1500m twain the control of the user and not your software. So from your expertise, is there no way to have the scanner work with a software program? This all twani my blood boil.