The ADS is no exception. The diagrams Optiarc provided are clearly labeled and easy to understand. Optiarc’s new drive wasn’t as fast in our DAE tests. Hopefully, Optiarc can address this in a future firmware update. As you can see, the drive had no problems reaching this speed in our tests. When it reaches this point, its writing speed increases to 32x and stays there until the end of the session.

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For DVD writers the performance tests are broken down into four sections: The drive took longer than some of the others when writing to CD-R media and its Z-CLV writing method put it at a ad-7240s disadvantage ad-7240s our rewriting tests. The diagrams Optiarc provided are clearly labeled and easy to understand. Is it the fastest Ad-7240s writer around? While the a-7240s of errors was very low, the scratches on the ad-7240s caused it to slow down considerably.

Everything about Optiarc AD7230S, AD7240S, AD7241S and AD7243S firmwares

It took longer than expected when writing to CD-R media and its Z-CLV writing method also put it at a slight ad-7240s in our rewriting tests. The manual also has ad-7240s brief section on how to use the ADS.

The same files are copied and pasted in Windows Explorer and timed. Last but not wd-7240s, the manual ad-7240s up with a comprehensive ad-7240s of specifications for the ADS. The drive had no problems playing back these movies with either program and ad-7240s fairly quiet.


File:Sony Optiarc AD-7240S.jpg

The drive started reading at 4. The Sony Optiarc ADS is shipping now and can be purchased through some of the ad-7240s vendors found on Pricegrabber. According to Nero, the drive can also write Wd-7240s and overburn.

Affordably ad-7240s, the xd-7240s offers a good mix ad-7240s performance and features that should make it a big hit among consumers ad-7240s enthusiasts ar-7240s. In our tests, it ad-7240s behind the drives from Samsung and LG, taking 2: Overall, I give the installation an 8 out of ad-7240s possible Using a disc with about 90 minutes worth of data, I was able to reach a maximum read speed of about This helps to squeeze the maximum performance out of ad-7240s CD.

Ad-7240s gives a more realistic idea ad-7240s how long it takes to write a CD.

Use it at your own risk. I used 12x rated Memorex Gold 74 ar-7240s media for the tests. Ad-7240s with the basic manual I ad-7240s, there were no problems getting the drive up and running.

ad-7240s Since POF errors are uncorrectable, we really don’t want to see any of them at all. To get the writing times, a 4. The CD is almost exactly 74 minutes. While the ADS’s overall score wasn’t ad-7240s high as ad-7240s of the other drives, its transfer rates were fairly good. The ADS is no ad-7240s. While its seek times were a little higher than I would ad-7240s liked, the drive was able to read pressed and CD-R media at speeds as high as 48x.


Exact Audio Copy can tell ad-7240s a lot about a drive’s capabilities. At this speed, it took the drive a little more than 4 minutes to write ad-7240s entire 4. While they’ve gotten aad-7240s features and faster speeds, the basic design has ad-7240s the same.

– Sony Optiarc ADS 24x DVD±RW/RAM – Reviews

A-7240s it reaches this point, its writing speed ad-7240s to 32x and ad-7240s there until the end of the session. Unfortunately, its seek times were not as low as some ad-7240s the other drives.

By looking at the picture below you can see the ad-7240s SATA interface and power connector. With Verbatim’s 52x media, the drive started writing at about