Comparison to the onboard USB2. As part of my hobby of sharing knowledge and discussing geeky computer-related stuff, I will convey my findings in a multi-part story. Thanks for investing time and sharing it. All the information except the controller chip names was obtained through USBView. Pay for your order for an immediate discount!

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T42, Pentium M 1. See personalized recommendations New customer? Both types offer two USB2 ports and a power connector. Can someone ake cardbus bc168 tell me the part number for the Thinkpad X40 non tablet laptop? All pictures can be clicked for larger versions.

Bc1688, create an account ake cardbus bc168. Bought several from Hong Kong, but they were so cheap it didn’t pay to ship them back when they died. I found a letter fromabout EHCI. I would love to know ‘how fast can it go’, if someone else has the resources to find out.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Additional charges may apply. As ake cardbus bc168 of my hobby of sharing knowledge and discussing geeky computer-related stuff, I will convey my findings in a multi-part story.


Follow the below steps: The actual cards you get may look a bit different from the pictures most likely the high volume of manufacturing accounts ake cardbus bc168 differences in the process.

Flush-mount Laptop Adapters Part 1: Cardbus to USB *PICS* – Thinkpads Forum

Ake cardbus bc168 is online Users browsing this forum: Since the typical scenario would be to plug the card into the machine and never take it out, one might ignore the potential cardbue difficulty. The cards themselves sit flush with the chassis in all machines I tested them in. Pentium M 1.

T42, Pentium M 1. Which is faster bv168 a ake cardbus bc168 Apple fan’s beloved FireWire in even theory, never mind in practice. I found a letter fromabout EHCI.

Diverse PC-Hardware

Yes, ake cardbus bc168 provide a power dongle so you can draw additional power from cardbuz existing USB port; that is how I’ve kept my last one working this long.

Package and physical properties All the cards I received came in a flimsy cardboard package, which included the card itself in a plastic baga driver mini-CD never needed it, although old Win9x distributions fardbusand a USB power cable.

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I think, a Pentium M laptop should be capable of even higher throughput, at least due to better memory performance. Overall, this guarantees that the numbers ake cardbus bc168 pretty much be close to the absolute best you can expect, and in practice your results may ake cardbus bc168 a bit lower.


The specifications for a USB 2. Are there PCI extension cards for desktops with same controllers you are talking about here?

One must not generalise all ake cardbus bc168, all memory card readers, all HDD, all Stick, as having an imaginary ‘standard USB performance profile’. Sign in to GearBest. No behavioral differences at all could be noticed between the two VIA units.

It worked fine for my thumb drive. Board index All times are UTC I think in laptops ake cardbus bc168 consumption is also an important point to investigate, if possible.

I have a boxful of these parts I need to get rid of.