I’m not a computer guru so I cannot explain why this would be. I installed it on a system running bit Windows. The signal is some what strong, average of 4 bar at about 20 feet away and through a couple of walls, though i thought it would be even better. I’m thinking of just leaving the wires because having a wired connection is 3x then when I’m connected through this card. I haven’t tried the utility to make a hotspot, and I didn’t even install drivers.

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I can play mostly lag-free video games, and streaming video from my server connected to the router works as well, even with higher-bitrate files.

Windows 7 found and installed what was necessary, and I’m connected again. Thereafter, you can connect to wireless -N, -B, or -G devices, such as a modem or router.

It is fast and the board and antennae seem to be well constructed. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. This wireless product is also 2-in-1 device for wireless connection sharing that enables your wireless adapter adapfer asus pce-n13 wireless adapter turn into a wireless AP with design-in software AP. The signal is some what strong, average asus pce-n13 wireless adapter 4 bar at about 20 feet away and through a couple of walls, though i thought it pce-n133 be even better.


Wireless N not double Adam B. My speeds are going always up and down for no apparent reason. However, if you have trouble getting the card to work, try disabling your firewall software.

I reactivated the firewall and it continued to work properly. User reviews on www.


It’s has an AMD processor with Windows 7. If you run into connectivity issues in your home, find out if any bulky objects are located between the connection points. The incredible speed of Enter new zip asus pce-n13 wireless adapter to refresh estimated delivery time. Most people use that boost for gaming and pce-m13 do not see yourself using your PC for gaming, then this will not be a problem.

802.11 b/g/n Wireless PCI-Express Adapter

If you are interested, find out more about this wireless adapter here. And sometimes just browsing the web feels like it’s taking much longer then it should be.

This means if you have a dual-band asus pce-n13 wireless adapter band router it will still connect, but you will not get that extra “Boost”.

Device manager found the card but the network could not find it. I installed it on a system running bit Windows. IMO laptop wireless card definitely outperform this one.

This asis really is N standard.

The Windows driver would not work with it at all and, in the beginning, neither would the ASUS driver. Windows found and installed the adapter upon starting asus pce-n13 wireless adapter computer.


Although it is listed as N Draftwhich was the pre-release of the N standard I bought it so I wouldn’t have Ethernet wires running through my living room and kitchen.

Check more user reviews here!

This adalter my first pci wireless card so I can’t really compare it with others but I can compare it with the wireless connectivity of other laptops. As an added bonus for gamers, this adapter also features support for XLink Kai, free software that enables PSP gamers to play system-link games with worldwide friends Windows XP systems only.

Overall it’s an okay card and does what it’s suppose to, I would pce–n13 it if you asus pce-n13 wireless adapter Need asus pce-n13 wireless adapter that gets the job done or if your looking for something cheap.

For security, the adapter utilizes the following: I’m not a computer guru so I cannot explain why this would be. Be the first to review this item.