December 29th, at 1: So what did ASUS not fix? Key Features Review Price: It also produced the best performance in multimedia tasks, with leading scores in both Handbrake 2: Despite the limited space available, Asus has managed to include a few features you won’t find on the Acer S3. It’s subtle, but it’s a nice touch. Though it outperformed the MacBook Air in processor performance, the MacBook Air produced better graphics scores using the same integrated Intel graphics chipset.

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Asus zenbook ux31 only drawbacks are asus zenbook ux31 slightly wonky touchpad and relatively slow SSD. Our only complaint is that sometimes the touchpad misinterpreted a left click for a right click, such as when selecting text in a Word document. Nevertheless, we don’t think users will mind the slightly wider and taller body on the ASUS.

All the keys are in the same place on the Asus zenbook ux31 Prime, but they feel a lot better. Not only is this x matte panel sharper than the MacBook Air–and most other inch laptops–it’s superbright and offers generously wide degree viewing angles.

On 3Dmark06, the UX31A turned in an impressive score of 5, which beats the MacBook Air asus zenbook ux31 Boot Camp mode 4, and every other Ultrabook we tested, most of which have scored in the 3, range. The layout is now black instead of silver, making the keys easier to read. Having an SSD really makes a difference. For more details, please visit: At first the cursor was too unwieldy, especially when typing, and we would accidentally type over our work.


ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A Review | Ultrabook Reviews

Naturally, he is now a journalist, writing about tec When we hit the UX31A with our light meter, the display averaged lux, which is brighter than the older UX31 asus zenbook ux31 and well assus the ultraportable average lux. When playing “World of Warcraft,” the Ultrabook notched 52 frames per second at x resolution. It also produced the best performance in multimedia tasks, with leading scores in both Handbrake 2: Against Poor viewing angle Nasty wsus buttons Derivative design No backlit keyboard.

Out of the box, the Zenbook Prime will hit you with two types asus zenbook ux31 pop-ups pretty consistently unless you act on them.

The glass-topped touchpad is smooth and expansive, measuring five inches diagonally.

Our only real quibble with the design is that the display sometimes flopped back, which happened during a bumpy bus ride and on a couple of asus zenbook ux31 when picking the Ultrabook up. One of the requirements that Qsus laid down for Ultrabooks is that they be able to boot very quickly and resume nearly instantly from sleep. Though this is the starting configuration for the UX31, we found it more than powerful.

But the lid doesn’t fall back very far. While you can fill a room with sound, you won’t be rumbling with bass. Ix31 asus zenbook ux31 side of the notebook has a USB 2. The metal island-style keys are set off by a black background.

We liked the large, well-spaced metal keys, and even though they were flat, our fingers stuck asus zenbook ux31 them well. Asus bundles a protective laptop sleeve, an attractive fabric and faux-leather envelope with a soft padded lining, and a small matching case for the dongles themselves.


This requires an SSD. So what does the Zenbook bring to asuw category? Even the bezel around the display, traditionally a repository for black, glossy plastic, has gotten the brushed aluminum treatment. The design of the ASUS also looks and feels more asus zenbook ux31, thanks to the brushed-metal treatment. All the action, including the bootup, occurs on the mechanical GB, 5,rpm hard drive, which is why it took a much longer 65 seconds to load Windows. On the PCMark07 test, which asus zenbook ux31 overall performance, the Zenbook Prime scored 4, which is nearly double the ultraportable asus zenbook ux31 average 2, and well above the UX31 3, and Dell XPS 13 3, That’s impressive endurance given that this configuration uses a faster Core i7 processor and the older UX31 had a Core i5.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Product specifications may differ from country to country. Solid-state drive offers instant boot-up and resume time. SSD offers smaller storage capacity than competitors with spinning drives.