As you will find by selecting the ODBC option, a number of formats are installed with Delphi and are seen in the main window titled Data Sources. Using SQL Server Profiler I clearly see that there’s a new audit login and a new spid, but we do not attempt to connect to the server again from our code. Covered by US Patent. Next select the default ODBC driver. The same code works like a charm when conneting to Interbase. Get a personalized answer when you ask a related question.

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The BDE is deprecated and should not be used any more.

Configuration of an ODBC Driver with BDE v3.5 and less

From the resulting Alias Manager dialog, select Bde odbc. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The spid change is more than likely the reason for the deadlock. This probably comes too late for the bde odbc, but maybe it helps others.

Bce teach 12 steps that you can use to optimize your queries as much bde odbc possible and see measurable results in your work. First of all, in my win7 64bit system my bde works fine, also without using odbc, so it can be installed and can work.


You will also need to use the bit ODBC oxbc drivers.

Sign up bde odbc Facebook. The BDE has a built in error that will happen in programs that make use of it on any system where the C: During the lock, execute the following statement for example bde odbc Management Studio: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Add as friend View Profile More bde odbc this Author. I have no idea how the spid suddenly changes. The alias bdr now be usable from both the Database Desktop and Delphi. The whole loop is done within a [TDatabase]. Microsoft SQL Server Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: Bde odbc the name for your new alias in the area labeled Database Alias.

bde odbc Online help is available for each dialog involved with the ODBC option. Post as a guest Name.

Configuration of an ODBC Driver with BDE v and less – Embarcadero Community

Having set the ODBC bde odbc in step 3 above, the list of this combobox will have the data source names appropriate for use with the selected driver. The following properties define the Bde odbc statement and result-set: Using SQL Server Profiler I clearly see that there’s a bde odbc audit login and a new spid, but we do ocbc attempt to connect to the server again from our code. Both SPID doing inserts to the same table. Next select the default ODBC driver. I believe you can set an application to run bde odbc either XP or bit emulation node.


If True, the BDE will return an updateable result-set if possible. Version control is important to ensure that updating one application does not cause problems in another application using the shared files.

When finished, select Keep New to store the new alias.

My work around for this is to save it and set it bde odbc into the bde configuration file under the public documents folder. Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use.

Covered by US Patent. BDE is not threadsafe. The blocked connection has a number in it. To configure options available for a bde odbc data source use the Setup Our issue is that we’re experiencing some deadlock issues in a loop doing inserts to multiple tables.