In addition, other paging modes may be implemented without departing from the scope and spirit of the present invention. This may fail up to 3 times and then the computer will recognize the SRAM card as valid media storage and Map the drive. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Click for automatic bibliography generation. The PCMCIA module according to claim 1, wherein said at least one random access memory component contains data retained by said backup battery circuit prior to insertion within a computer.

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Centennial technologies pcmcia Expert Search Quick Search. You can then exit DOS and access the card normally. SRAM memory components centenmial many advantages such as speed, low power consumption, and simple read and write operations.

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Write cycles to the flash memory component 38, the WP register 20, and the SW register 18 are unaffected by centennial technologies pcmcia WP register contents, as the write enable signal 28 from the host computer 23 is coupled directly to the centennial technologies pcmcia devices.

Four to six hours in a host device constitutes a full charge which is specified to last for 9 months. The recharging of the battery 42 occurs on two levels. The electronic memory module 10 includes a memory circuit 14, a battery backup circuit 12, an address decode circuit 16, a SW Switching register 18, and a WP Centennial technologies pcmcia Protect register For some reason many computers will refuse to recognize SRAM cards as readable media.

Finding them is unfortunately a hit and miss process. Typical centennial technologies pcmcia memory components are static random access memories Centennisl. IC card with memory area protection based on address line restriction. The PCMCIA module according to claim 3, wherein said first and second battery voltage indicators are electrically connected to a computer.


It should further be noted that the SW signal 56 also changes the centennial technologies pcmcia division of the first and second SRAM components 34 and Thus, information could be stored in the module volatile and non-volatile memory before insertion into a host computer. If the battery voltage is less than about three volts as provided to the battery power circuit 60 by the battery voltage yechnologies signal, the trickle recharge signal 72 provides a relatively small current flow to the battery 42 so as not to damage the battery as the battery centennial technologies pcmcia a condition of complete recharge.

Centennial, however, recommends recharging the card for at least four hours every six months. Nonvolatile memory with volatile memory buffer and a backup power supply system. Integrated circuit package with battery housing. For additional information, see the Centennial technologies pcmcia Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in technologjes new window or tab.

The centennlal invention is directed to computer memories, and more particularly to a memory card having a battery backup.

Similar to the WP register 20, the user controls the SW register 18 by writing the data appearing on data bit four 57 which forms a portion of the data bus centennial technologies pcmcia to the WP register.

The SW register 18 provides a user selectable paging scheme, i. Automatic backup battery connection. centennkal

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Cards with or without attribute will technologles work with the UPSAC, but you’ll need attribute in order to access the configuration file from a pc. However, batteries inevitably lose their charge and must be replaced centennial technologies pcmcia ensure the integrity of data retained in the battery backed up memory.

The above described user selectable paging scheme has utility centennial technologies pcmcia data protection and verification that a specific type of PCMCIA card having the corresponding paging scheme only is inserted into the particular host.


The first diode 62, second diode 64 and resistor 66 are connected in series.

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In normal operation, SRAM power centennial technologies pcmcia 40 provides centennial technologies pcmcia to the SRAM memory 37, which signal is powered from the primary power signal 22 when primary power from the host computer 23 is present. This may fail up to 3 times and then the computer will recognize the SRAM card as valid media storage and Map the drive.

If the first battery voltage indicator signal 76 is active, in which case the second battery voltage signal 78 is also centennial technologies pcmcia, data stored in SRAM memory 37 is unreliable. Brys, Wieslaw Bedford, MA. For example, where a user has not set the SW register 18, and writes to a particular SRAM memory location and then the user sets the SW register, the user can verify that the data is there or not there depending upon user intent.

United States Patent The PCMCIA module according to claim 15, wherein said user selectable memory map is controlled from said portable computer. A power on reset signal 59 ensures that as the memory module 10 receives power, the WP register 20 will be active centennial technologies pcmcia preventing a write cycle to SRAM memory 37 until the WP register has been put in an inactive state by the host computer