Our highest handicap golfer, Mark, commented that the S3s are “every bit as schweet as my S2 forged sticks, and even prettier”. At some point the consumer has to be responsible for doing his research. Tester Perceived Distance Score: So while I personally wouldn’t rate the feel quite as highly as our testers did, it is fair to say that from a feel perspective, the S3 does outperform many others in its class and some “player” designs too. The offset on the clubface is distinctive – turned in at least a couple of degrees – so rather than try to make my regular fade more accurate using its anti-slice characteristics, I went for a more aggressive option. Aug 4, 53 Comments. I do belive I picked up some distance, will know for sure in the next few rounds.

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Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Otherwise, stop snobbery in golf. Max Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: I doubt they will be.

Cobra S3 Irons – REVIEW

So while I personally wouldn’t rate the feel quite as highly as our testers did, it is fair to say that from a feel perspective, the S3 does outperform many others in offaet class cobra s3 offset some “player” designs too. Tuesday, April 19, cobga Nevertheless, I was told the parts would be received soon, cobra s3 offset and shipped so that I would receive them by today, June 26th. Chris and Jon both liked the feel of it, while Bryan felt it was good for forgiveness. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?


Engineers looked at where golfers hit the ball cobra s3 offset the face. Accuracy is one of the Cobra S3 Max driver’s prime qualities; it even delivers reliable distance on off-center hits. F LaCava 5 years ago. This website is owned and published by Crash Cobra s3 offset Group Ltd. Not only did our testers rate them among the highest of any club we’ve surveyed, the performance numbers actually supported the subjective ratings, which is an even greater rarity.

The alignment aid will not be to everybody’s taste but does allow for an easy set-up. While the actual performance numbers were very, very good, perceptions were even better. The computer graphed the dispersion about the size of a quarter for the S3 and the 2. GolfSpy Cobra s3 offset Within the last year we’ve had the opportunity to review a couple sets of Cobra irons.

cobra s3 offset However, after testing cobra s3 offset Cobra S3’s, we would advise those players to hit them x3 passing judgement. Club lofts have been juiced for years. O was longer cobra s3 offset by yards, but I saw a larger area of dispersion.

Aug 4, 53 Comments. The offset of the head heavily encourages the ball to shape right to left, so would not be suited to anyone who already plays with a draw. Today, Cobra Golf announced the release of a white S3 driver.


I cobrq been playing TM Burners for 20yrs. I have been playing the burner 2. A waste of bandwidth.

Club Test 2011: Cobra S3 and S3 Max Offset Drivers

Dependable, workmanlike performer, but nothing about it stands out as spectacular. Interestingly enough, our highest handicap golfer posted the 2nd best raw not adjusted for handicap accuracy score, which suggests there might just be something to this game improvement thing.

Offset design and big, deep face instill confidence; Cobra logo on crown with curved alignment aid is a simple but effective visual device. The offset design helps to square the clubface and promote a high, draw-biased flight.

In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can cobra s3 offset improve cobra s3 offset game. Lank 7 years ago.

Best irons that i have hit. If not cobra s3 offset the S2s in his bag, he’s all but certain he’d buy a set. Right-handers will be able to chose between 9. For those players, the S3 Max could work very well.