Get Form Open the form Start Now. It’s no secret that teen driver restrictions in Connecticut can get confusing. Any hand-held computer or other device with a video display may not be used by the driver while driving. Email the link to this form. Use of a Cell Phone or Text Messaging:

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Provide Feedback Was this information helpful? Use of a Cell Phone rjles Text Messaging: Cell Phones Cell phones even hands-free or other mobile electronic devices may not be used by the driver while driving. Since teens still need to gain experience on the roads, it’s important to shop around for the best ct dmv rules for teenage to ensure that everyone is protected each time they get behind the wheel.

Licensing & State Laws

Practice Area Please select Restricted 16 and year old drivers are not allowed to drive between 11 p. Yes, it was helpful No, it was not helpful.

The passenger and curfew restrictions do not apply to: May not operate any public service vehicle or vanpool vehicle. If none of these exemptions apply to you, here’s what you’ll need to bring to your local DMV office:.

Drivers Permits in Connecticut

A secondary form of identification is also required. Teen drivers 16 c 17 years old are prohibited from using a cell phone or any electronic device while operating a motor vehicle.


How ch Get a Connecticut Driver’s License Once you’ve had your permit for days or days, and you’ve completed the required driver training, it’s time to head down to one of the DMV Hub Offices for your driving test. Teen drivers wishing to apply for a learner permit in the State of Connecticut must wait until ct dmv rules for teenage are 16 years of age.

Thank you for using DMV. If you do not pass your knowledge exam on your first try, you must wait 7 rues to retake it, and you will be required to pay the testing fee again. This certificate must be presented ct dmv rules for teenage the teen driver takes the driver license exam.

For the second 6 months: Thanks for signing up! Best printed ct dmv rules for teenage legal-size paper for easy reading. Please select one of the below to continue: Your permit will be valid for 2 years. The teen driver must also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and have a teennage certificate of parental consent. Your success is virtually guaranteed!

Licensing & State Laws – Connecticut

This certificate is proof that you completed the course, and will be required before you can take the road skills test. May not use cell ct dmv rules for teenage even if hands-free or other mobile ct dmv rules for teenage devices while driving. Thanks for signing up! Although the process teenge getting your Connecticut driver’s license may seem complicated, we’ve made it a whole lot easier to understand by explaining the process in a simple, easy-to-follow manner.


Parents or legal guardian may accompany the instructor. Eligible for a restricted license with at-home driver’s training. Policies About Us Connect with us: Curfew Until 18 th birthdaymay not drive between hours of 11 p.

The software to view and print Adobe Acrobat documents is available free from Adobe.

Apply for a Connecticut Learner Permit |

For more information about these required documents, please refer to this list of acceptable forms of identification. Show proof of CT residency. Meeting these age eligibility requirements for a driver’s license is contingent on having a learner’s permit for the minimum amount of days.