Speakafreaka , Oct 8, I am not too sure how to check the other two. You should put a bit meter on your input to see what I mean. Have you tried using ASIO drivers? Apollyon , Oct 1,

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ASIO Driver Setup

The high bit rate with the large bit depth is taxing your system. Maybe you are not cubase 5 asio problems with ASIO; maybe it’s because of your computer.

DerrenBobafatOct 6, I am using kontakt 4 with 5 instruments playing in 5 seperate midi tracks. I don’t have a wireless Nic cubase 5 asio because the comp is never almost never on internet. Share This Page Tweet.

Create a username and password cubass and an account will be created and your post entered. Some audiophiles will claim they can, but the improvement in quality is SO minimal, it doesn’t justifiably offset the cost of your computer’s cubase 5 asio.

Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Who is online Users browsing this forum: Cubaae size set to on the delta. Now assign the virtual “Stereo Out” with the physical output of your cubase 5 asio by clicking next to it in the device port column.


Originally Posted by irisdeejay. Already have an account? They all have 4 GB installed ram and up to 3 hard drives each.

Cubase 5 ASIO Meter Problems –

I have found since moving to version 5 its a bit more glitchy the lower the latency i set it compared to when i was using sx. Im running cubase 5 asio 7 cubase 5 asio any chance of those bios tricks. Also, the partition drive Yes, fubase difference on lower end pc. This is driving me fucking mental, really wanna finish this tune.

My notebook’s processor is core 2 duo 1. DarrenBobafat – Goto your Bios and make these changes: Hi thanks for your replies. No, create an account now. cubase 5 asio

Cubase 5 ASIO Peaks

Here are the threads on Cubase. Thanks for your time!

Also I am using the given m-audio asio driver for the delta However, when I tried to use samplers with large amounts of streaming, I had problems. MilkyOct 10, I cuhase to recall this was a fairly well-known problem on 5. I started a new project I only added 4 audio tracks with samples kick, clap, cubase 5 asio and snare and added an instrument tack with Massive.



Cubase 5 asio computer must be capable to cope with the projects, because they have run smoothly before, I don’t understand why it suddenly peaks. Please click here to read cubase 5 asio. Remember that audio CDs only have a bit depth of 16, so if you are recording at 32, it’s overkill really.

Will we see Cubase 5 any time soon?? When I remove the waves, T-racks and Izotope my asio is very low and still using 11,8 ram.