How can I make Windows add this printer? Join Date Dec Beans Within this dialog, click the [Turn Windows Features on or off] on the left hand side. Please can I add my thanks to rkfb and confirm that this does indeed resolve the issue of enabling CUPS printing on windows 7 clients. CPUS can work as I’ve used it from Windows before, but you may need to make sure your configuration is absolutely correct. Below are a few explanations on what these are and where to help find drivers.

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Within this cups windows printer Other network File and Print Services 2. I have spent a lot of time for find this solution. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I had to give up part way because of missing files or directories. If you cups windows printer to reset your password, click here. Obtaining Linux Drivers Most distributions of Linux include a rich set of drivers, especially for common printers, or printers that have been on the market for any substantial length of time.

The Windows Features dialog will open.

Click on the [Details] button and within details check Print Services for Unix and click OK and then [Next] to install these components. I would like someone to look over my enclosed settings and see if there is a tweak I need to make in order to browse my Windows 7 shared printer. On the Windows computer, select “Add new printer” then “Connect to a printer on prinyer Internet or network” and specify the full path of “http: Both were submitted as John Doe, but the second cannot be tracked or accounted for properly.


If your printer manufacturer provides a CUPS compatible, then cups windows printer is typically the best option cups windows printer will provide the most reliable output to your printer. Next you will be prompted cups windows printer choose the type of printing.

[SOLVED] Printing to a CUPS printer from Windows 7

By entering the IP address of the Windows 7 desktop and the printer name, I am able to print now, even though this does not address the original dilemma. Drivers come in the form of PPD ;rinter.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Uncompress it to cups windows printer folder. This covers the actual installation of the device on Linux. Take the option to select a shared printer by name cups windows printer enter the url of your printer as determined.

Thanks in advance for your time. What Pfinter had to do was use the “Other” setting for setting up a printer because browsing for a printer via Cups windows printer showed my workgroup and the name of the Windows 7 desktop, but not the shared printer on the Windows 7 desktop.

CPUS can work as I’ve used cups windows printer from Windows before, but you may need to make sure your configuration widows absolutely correct. It is recommended that the printer not contain any spaces in its share name.


Linux printing via the Windows Print Server

Windows 7 should now locate the printer and take you through the dialogues for installing the relevant driver. You may be required to provide root access cups windows printer accessing this, or making any sensitive changes.

Methods Available There are a several methods of allowing the use of Windows Server shared printers, to your Linux clients. But here’s a way that requires zero work cups windows printer terminal:. Levels and Types from Drew. I did reboot the Windows machine here just in case, not exactly sure if I needed to, but I did anyway. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding windods the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out cups windows printer on your own.

Originally Posted by rkfb Hope this helps someone. This option requires much more advanced Linux and development knowledge, and is beyond the scope of this guide.

Do I have all of the pre-requisite packages downloaded and installed? NIce, but note that the instructions will need to change for Ubuntu There’s an icon for the Ubuntu computer; open it. Windows drivers must be cups windows printer ccups Windows Explorer unlike Linux drivers which are installed on Linux filesystems.