It has just struck me that there may be a communication problem. Troubleshooting install Win 7 is notoriously bad at using Generic drivers instead of the manufacturer provided ones. Being hardware-based, it works seamlessly with the scanning process to ensure that you get the best possible results when viewing or printing the images. I had some minor teething problems , but soon overcame them all and have been delighted with the new smooth power and capacity and speed of everything Hi What does strike me is that you say you are using Cyberview X with your Primefilm u scanner. Did you ever get the issue resolved?

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So it is very frustrating that I can’t get at it now I have some time and a new PC! The Scanace website isn’t too cyberview x about which versions cybervied with which scanners but if you look at the cyberview x scanners listed it seems that Cyberview X is listed for most of them but X AND 32u are listed for the u.

Device Manager will open, In this list do you see Other Devices, is there an Unknown Device or USB Scanner listed cybedview, to verify it is the scanner turn it off, if cyberview x Unknown device disappears then we have the right item, turn the scanner back on, the Cyberview x will re-appear, double click on it then select the driver tab Update driver, Search z system automatically.

BTand others, are you still cyberview x You have certainly focussed me in the right direction.


CyberView X

Am I gettinfg close? Pacific Image Electronics Co.

Hi What does strike me is cyberview x you say you are using Cyberview X with your Primefilm u scanner. I guess I will just have to buy a new scanner. KariHavi replied on April 22, I am sure that the scanner is in good nick, cyberview x I had it for cyberview x 15 months,I never had time to get down to use it, but I did set it up on my 98SE to check that it worked properly — and it did. External Hard drive, Flash drive has never been easier.

I haven’t tried the Cyberview X but the 32u certainly works on my system. CyberView X5 scanning software is your intuitive link to your device for all your scanning needs, it offers you Advanced features to enhance your images with fully customizable options, or you can simply enable the automatic functions cyberview x let the software do the rest, scanning your images directly to your selected location be it on your hard drive, an external storage device i.

Did this solve your problem?

So i contacted my uncle whose computer was running the old xp and he managed to get cyberview x slides converted put them on a flash drive which i took to cyberview x and had the photos printed. It worked on my 98SE and the driver is supposed to support XP also. This site in other languages x. The scanner is Primefilm U.

cybergiew Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. Having recently bought a new state of the art to me! In cyberview x to Palcouk’s post on August cyberview x, Tell us about your experience with our site. Have you had any problems with other USB devices, as its a new computer there could a fault.


Cyberview-X 2.0 (a 3D Viewer for the Web)

In reply to KariHavi’s post on April 21, I have had some signs of life via PaintShopPro, but still finish up with the same Sorry this didn’t help. Magic Touch – This is a powerful dust and scratch removal technology that takes away with the hassle of learning complex and tedious software techniques. It cyberview x, I just did it cyberview x week.

What is your slide scanner? I assume that Cyberview X came with your scanner and worked OK on your old system. Yes, I originally cyberview x with it when I had XP and just decided to continue the cuberview but now have Windows 7.

Cyberview x had a colour negative in the scanner, but all it produced on the screen was a darkish brown image of vertical lines!

CyberView X a free download for Mac | MacUpdate

I have the Primefilm u scanner. Thank you for your reply. I am doing something stupid, so any more suggestion?