Press the blue “FN” key and the “F2” key simultaneously, then release. It may not be related to the hardblock, but you won’t be able to scan other networks and connect to them while it is in Hotspot mode. Compared to many tablet PCs, however, some netbooks are power hungry and have relatively short battery lives. Do not remove the keyboard completely. In addition to being not entirely free software, the madwifi driver apparently has some limitations. You should also check the Wi-Fi router’s encryption setting and password, then make sure you have entered those correctly on the Eee PC.

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All specifications are subject to change without notice. LXDE’s lxpanel has one.

How to Enable Wi-Fi for an Asus Netbook |

I don’t recall having to do anything extra to make it “just work”. Weepc I did a fresh install again with lubuntu.

All you need to do is use one of the following wifi configuration methods using the interface name wlan0. If you don’t want this, I suggest you remove the hotspot profile. Netbook manufacturers like Asus let you save eeepc wifi by turning off the Wi-Fi adapter when it is not needed.


Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based eeepc wifi theoretical performance. If your netbook is already on, click the eeepc wifi button, click the arrow next to the “Shut Down” button and eerpc click “Restart.

Help users by adding tools, difficulty, or time. Log in to your operating system. You should install eeepc-acpi-scripts from http: Originally Posted by jeremy The steps in this guide should be split difi and made into eeepc wifi series of prerequisite guides.

September 23rd, Is that because everything automagically works? This may be due to operating system configuration changes or a change in your netbook’s IP or Internet Protocol eeepc wifi.

Eee PC P (Seashell) Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global

We can also assign id strings to these networks, so that if, for example, your home network is static, and the eeepc wifi cafe is dhcp, we can alter our files like so. Time Required 20 minutes. Wicd, another GUI wifi configuration, is very simple and is a eeepc wifi choice for people who do not want to or cannot run NetworkManager. Eeepc wifi configuration WiFi configuration differs depending on which model of EeePC you own.

Asus Eee PC 1005HA Wifi Card Replacement

For details and our eeepc wifi data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Tell them you believe repair should be iwfi, affordable, and accessible. About the Author Allen Bethea has written articles on programming, web design,operating systems and computer hardware since Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual eeepc wifi appearance may differ from images shown on this site.


September 22nd, 4. Press the “Down” arrow until you reach the “Onboard Devices Configuration” option.

Brand and product names mentioned are witi of their respective companies. Skip eeepc wifi main content. Missing Details Some of this guide’s details are missing. In addition to being not entirely free software, the madwifi driver apparently has some limitations.

Netbooks make excellent tools to keep eeepc wifi employees connected eeepc wifi productive while traveling. These are the eefpc script logs generated: I had a version of Mint 14 installed and the machine suddenly could not recognize wifi signals. Older models, A use the Atheros ARx chip. September 22nd, 3.