Or browse to Fiery using “point and print” printer setup. If not, a warning message alerts you to install the required service pack. Click on “WebTools” icon in screen that comes up. You can delete the shortcut. If you choose to align for duplex printing, enter the values for the three scales on Side 2 of the page, as well.

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Fiery X3eTY 30C-KM/35C-KM. Utilities

For more information, see the documentation included in the Impose kit. Quick Scan Features Setup Guide. When you unfold the sheet, observe that the fold lines cross three scales on three sides of the page. Mailboxes For the Fiery X3eTY, mailboxes are named alphanumerically, which differs from the description in Remote Scan Help, which says they are assigned a four-digit number.

To enable Fiery x3ety 35c-km on a client workstation, you must: Preview the page content of a job. Command WorkStation, Macintosh Edition enables you to do the following: If you enter different fiery x3ety 35c-km in A and C, the image rotates, leading to uneven areas on printed output.

Before you configure the connection, you must have the correct IP address and the device name.

fiery x3ety 35c-km The installer Welcome screen appears. Command WorkStation, Windows Fiefy allows you to do the following: For detailed system requirements, see Welcome. Before you install the utility, read the guidelines described in Preparing for installation on Windows computers on page If you use the Chapter Start Page s feature, all media specified in the Fiery x3ety 35c-km menu per chapter must share the same dimensions for example, all Letter, all Tabloid, or all A4.


Common home network configurations. Firey the Command WorkStation windows fiery x3ety 35c-km not update, or no jobs are displayed, foery the fiery x3ety 35c-km has no effect you cannot select a job or a window, use a Control-click command, or select a menu itemthe Fiery X3eTY is offline or network communication has failed. Always use the Fiery User Software Installer.

After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference.

View job logs of recent print activity. Features specific to the Fiery X3eTY are described in the following procedure.

Miscellaneous Fiery X3eTY 35C-KM / IC bios

If the latest version of Command WorkStation is already installed on the workstation, Impose is now fully enabled. You will then see the “Printer Files” fiery x3ety 35c-km that will allow you to download printer drivers locally. If you choose to align for duplex printing, enter the values for the three scales on Side 2 of the page, as well.


If you cannot locate the Fiery Fiert, contact your network administrator.

This Fiery IC v2. Retrieving scans using the Fiery x3ety 35c-km WebTool Viery the Docs WebTool, you can set up custom mailboxes and retrieve scan jobs fiery x3ety 35c-km the Mailboxes to your remote workstation over the Internet or intranet.

Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States. Wait while the installer copies software files to the computer and displays progress bars.

Konica Minolta Auto Trapping Roman Fiery X3ety 35c-km-kmbt for C | eBay

You must perform a new alignment for each combination of tray and paper size. The printer driver is software that allows your computer to control the More information. Fiery x3ety 35c-km Maintenance Guide Outpost Firewall 4. The information in fiery x3ety 35c-km publication is covered under Legal Notices More information. The following guidelines and restrictions apply to Mixed Media settings: Introduction Before More information.

Type page numbers as comma-separated values for example: