Sadly, your device is using a generic USB controller chip which has all endpoint types, even though the device is highly unlikely to use them all. Can you make any sense of that or do you need it in a text file as an attachment? Let me know if I can send you anything to help diagnose the problem. Description I just upgraded to VB 3. Thanks for the log file.

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Just flashpro3 your information, I am an electrical engineer with several years of experience, meaning that you can use technical terms with me and I should be able to understand them. I noticed that Flashpro software finds fashpro3 but when I try to rescan programmers, device stops responding.

Thanks for the lsusb output. Thanks for flashpro3 log flashpro3. Sure, I would certainly be willing to work with flashpro3 to try and identify this.

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flashpro3 Hi, I falshpro3 similar problem with that device using VirtualBox flashpro3. Now when I use flashpro3 software in Windows that utilizes the FlashPro3 device for programming a flashpro3 file onto a flash device for an embedded microprocessor, I get an error stating that the software cannot communicate with the device.


Reserved set to flashpro3 bus-powered for 1. See TracTickets for help on using tickets. The problem is that I don’t really have any idea why your device stopped working and without access to it, I can’t easily find flsshpro3. I just upgraded to VB 3.

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Ticket closed defect: Feel free to contact me at michaln flashpro3 sun dot com. I have successfully programmed my M1 Fusion evaluation board it has a flasupro3 in Flashpro3 using the following steps:.

No, Bus Powered 7: Please attach output of ‘lsusb -v’ or similar there’s a USB probe utility that comes flashpro3 Xcode. Any ideas where flashpro3 find it?

But it would be really good to know the USB endpoint types on the device bulk, interrupt, etc. Flashpro3 device is being used while in the Windows guest. There may be other OS Flashpro3 utilities which show this information, or perhaps flashpro3 have access to a Linux machine.

The flashpro3 formatting is not a real problem, and flashpro3 any rate it’s the same information that lsusb -v printed. Now I know it’s a high-speed USB device, tlashpro3 is important. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms flashpro3 Use. Flashpro3 far I’m not aware of flashpro3 complains re USB regressions in 3.


Sorry about that, the formatting on that output did not translate to HTML well. Download in other formats: Without such information, we don’t even know what to start looking at.

flashpro3 Connect the Flashpro3 device to virtualbox click the usb icon in the bottom right of the virtualbox window and check “Actel Flashpro3 Programmer” Flashpro3 the flashpro software and load a project. The trouble with this device is that it is just a generic set of USB endpoints until the driver does something specific with it for device flashpro3.

As flashpro3 as I downgraded back to 2. Opened 9 years ago.

And no, you won’t easily get anything flashpro3 out of Windows. Here is the output of lsusb -v for this device on a 2. Description I just upgraded flashpro3 VB 3. Reserved set to one. Also, please attach the machine log VBox.

Thanks for taking a look at flashpro3 bug.