This is the one you want. The key difference though is that with the FRXT you also now get stroke metrics. It would be awesome to see Garmin offer some functionality that explicitly allows devices to work in sync ie when in range, synchronize the clocks and mirror any commands like pressing the lap button. I wish I had a better answer for you. Like I want a 15 min alert with vibration during a presentation.

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Though, you can also re-baseline your data afterwards in Garmin Connect super easily one checkbox.

I remember telling my wife about the xt garmin 910xt while ago and how cool it was. I do not want to have to recharge every day.

Wow Garmin, you made it! And as you can see, I garmin 910xt and match accessories based on compatibility — garmin 910xt if a compatible accessory is available at a lower price below, you can grab that instead.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT In Depth Review

I only mention this, because I got an upset e-mail from someone that indicated that the unit incorrectly added a lap when they went garmin 910xt the garmon while leaving garmin 910xt timer running. The FRXT however does have garmin 910xt racer called virtual partner against a course not just pace per km. Think of it as a giant training log, but one that allows you to also share your files with others.


It also ensures I don’t get “reviewer specials” that are better than the retail versions.

Garmin Forerunner XT In Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

The brighter and garmin 910xt, the less battery. Is this possible to change this on the xt?

Since I predominantly just swim freestyle, my experience is focused on that. I do it constantly while swimming — with garmin 910xt buttons pressed while underwater.

I garmin 910xt a question regarding the TE measurement training effectwill this work garmin 910xt the old soft strap or just the new one?

Essentially, you can see the sets are expandable, along with each length within it. Both RUNS i did, drifted away over time so that end to start hight garmin 910xt more than m off.

Or, you can just add as many sports as you like. Folks have reported issues with sudden surges to pass garmkn swimmer mid-way down a lane being counted as a new lap. They have two versions, one is free and one is subscription based.

Forerunner® 910XT

Many a Forerunners have been garmin 910xt to ocean and lake due to this and garmin 910xt agrmin release kit. Matt, I have a strong suspicion that the swim lap features on the XT are because it has built in magnetometers in order to be able to detect the subtle shifts in arm movement and identify strokes.

Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld garmin 910xt See all 3 new other listings. Heads up — May 24th: The biggest change in the FRXT is the ability to support lap-swimming and record distance, speed, strokes and more.


Forerunner XT | Garmin

Note that the garmni will also record everything with one big time as well, garmin 910xt you can track total time and see that too. Finally, also of note is that the FRXT supports both smart recording and 1-second recording rates. Probably do 901xt have all the training functions the XT or XT has but main monitoring features are probably there ….

These are essentially metrics that look at stroke length by taking stroke rate and the length of the pool. Or, do it at the end of the lane again, not always possible. What is run pace ggarmin Subscribe me to the newsletter. For example, 3s power and all power garmin 910xt metrics are displayed while cycling, but not running. I appreciate the in-depth review you garmin 910xt.

I ended up writing a pretty detailed post on how I did the test, and the full set of results. Have you ever garmin 910xt out Raceday Apollo for tracking your workouts?

Hi Ray,was over at another site called surfski.