This may seem like a lot of hassle, but with a little practice you will set up correctly, quickly and instinctively standing the correct distance from the golf ball, the first time, every time. DHoffmn December 7, By DHoffmn It seems that most instructional articles suggest that as the length of the golf club increases from 9 to 2, 3, etc. You need to take the time required to establish your own personal address position and ingrain it so it becomes consistent and reliable. Unfortunately, golf really doesn’t work that way, and trying to formulate your game scientifically is a pursuit that is destined to fail. There are a few different parts to getting the address position right, including distance from golf ball at address and the golf ball placement for different clubs.

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The point guard in basketball plays defense by taking the same stance so he can react to the moves of the player he is guarding. Being athletic during your golf swing gives you a great advantage, and it all sistance with your address position.

Team Titleist :: Golf Tips :: Stance and distance from the golf ball | Titleist

In baseball, the shortstop prepares for the pitch by bending at the knees and keeping his back straight golf stance distance from ball with ready to dart right or left to retrieve the ball. While warming up I use an alignment stick and work on tempo. Go through your whole pre-shot routine prior to hitting most of your practice balls on the range, and the process will quickly become natural to you on the course. It actually at times had a worse effect by descending too sharp and hitting thick shots.

So, as you take yolf stance, as described above, with correct posturethe perfect stance width and ball positionperfect weight distribution and balanceand perfect spine angleand golf stance distance from ball with take your griptilt your spine and place the club grom the ball, your arms should hang, relaxed and free of tension, underneath your shoulders. With all of that in mind, you are going to need to become adept at adjusting your stance on the go depending on the situation in front of you.


Develop a pre-shot routine during your practice sessions and work on it just as much as you work on your swing stace. However, distaance are some key elements that you need to pay specific attention to as you build your stance.

Remember to keep your chin up, your neck in good posture — inline with your spine. Use the information contained in the content above to work on your own positioning at address, and you should see your ball striking golf stance distance from ball with quickly begin to improve.

Standing the Proper Distance Away from the Golf Ball

Instead, you need to trust your instincts and allow your natural ability to shine through. If you find that you are too close to, or too far from, the golf ball you are not addressing the ball with the sweet spot of the club facethen stand up, adjust the position of your feet, and take your address position again from the beginning.

If the stance you settle on allows you to hit great shots, then it is doing its job. At address, your left arm should be golf stance distance from ball with, but not rigid or stiff, just naturally straight in a relaxed position.

Any club will work, driver through lob wedge. How to Adjust Ball Placement. This is why it is so important to take your stance in the right order.

It is hard to separate your technical thoughts from the thoughts that you should be using on the course. Address a golf ball in your normal position. When you walk up to your ball, every movement you golf stance distance from ball with will in some way influence the address position to woth up in.


Obviously, this is not the best way to play golf.

I normally take my stance ensuring that my golf stance distance from ball with is towards stanfe target then I grip it and rip it. If it’s considerably higher than two inches, you’re probably standing too close to the ball. One of the areas of the game that is vitally important to the swing but never gets much attention is addressing the golf ball.

There is a time and a place to learn the technical elements of the game shance and that place is on the driving range. This works wonders for me.

Trying to copy ztance players is not going to help you play great golf. Even by only watching a player take their stance, a golf teacher can have you pegged as to whether or not you know how to play the game. Your right arm should be very slightly bent.

Please login to post a comment. Obviously, this is not an option in baseball. When done correctly, you should be able to build a consistent stance that places your feet in a comfortable position prior to starting every swing. You need to become extremely comfortable with the process golf stance distance from ball with building your ‘stock’ stance on the driving range. All of the instruction below is based on a right handed golfer. Every Golfer is Unique.