Handspring had a hit on its hands, not just in the eyes of reviewers like the Visor Edge and the Springboard expansion system , but also in terms of sales. Like New My original Handspring died and this is a perfect replacement. The Springboard expansion slot offers much more than external storage. This will cleverly get around what many have seen as a shortcoming of the Palm computer, since most Windows CE machines have voice recording built in. Web Design by Pure Energy. This model had a lower price, with which Handspring was hoping to attract new users.

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Pen Computing Magazine: Handspring Visor

Work on PalmConnect and Graffiti was halted, and everybody in the company worked on what became the PalmPilot. The Springboard expansion slot provided GPS navigation, cameras, music players, cell phone service, and most of the functions of a “smart phone”. To the knowledge of few associated with either company, Handspring was in the midst of talks with Palm.

Dubinsky had been unable to find a CIO to coordinate the development of the website, so Handspring found a contractor to create and manage a new website that would be as revolutionary as the Pilot had been. However, despite the shoehorn-like contoured back to support the rechargeable battery, it did have the Visor Springboard slot ; the infrared port was again on the side. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations.

Ordinary handwriting was very difficult for computers to recognize, even if it was easy for users. I guess that’s when you snap it off and throw it across the desk. Its for Windows XP and earlier only. Touchdown started as little more than a form factor and the Graffiti concept.


PDA is used in very good working condition. Sure, it’s designed to snap on the back of the unit, where it does indeed cover the HotSync port, and it also keeps any Springboard cartridges from flying out.

This model had a lower price, with which Handspring was hoping to attract new users. Handspring Visor New handheld from the makers of the original Pilot introduces Springboard expansion slot Updated May 1, On September 14,the creators of the original Pilot, Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky, announced the first product to come from the company they formed in November This number hsndspring for advertising only. More, the Visor Deluxe used OS 3. It used Handspring’s modified version of the Palm OS, version 3.

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It is missing the software C Visor was regarded as an incremental improvement to existing Palm devices already on the market, and most coverage was positive especially in reference to the new Springboard slot. Peripherals connected through the Springboard port have a speed advantage over peripherals connected through the Palm serial port. One group would work on hzndspring products with Hawkins while the other would release incremental updates to the Visor line including color and smaller form factors.

The pager will need to nandspring designed to work while unplugged if it’s still going to be truly useful to the person who wants the full functionality of his Visor. The contrast wheel’s absence means case designers will no longer have to worry about working around it in the future.


Contains everything in the image including Marketing materials. Earlier handhelds from Microsoft and its partners used clamshell-style cases and chiclet keyboards, and Palm had considered doing the same.

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The pdQ received a cool reception from the technology press. Great device, but a little old-school.

Hawkins left his Zoomer at home and started pretending to write appointments on the Touchdown. Skip to main content. Current Cover Message Board. Neither company was interested in maintaining Palm as an independently-run division, so the talks fell through.

On the old, square Pilot, it stuck out the side, but the visor is tapered abruptly at the back, just like the Palm III, and the flare is hidden from view. He began to installing 3Com executives over the objections of Dubinsky, who had been hanvspring CEO hadspring an independent Palm and who only agreed to the USRobotics deal after she was promised that Palm would remain independent for the most part.

Please be assured that any amount you feel able to donate will make an immediate and significant impact. I am thrilled to find hahdspring perfect replacement for my original.

Handspring Visor New handheld from the makers of the original Pilot introduces Springboard expansion slot. Those lacking a USB port can buy the serial port cradle from the Handspring website.