The tuner features a PCI interface for installation. The IR blaster only works over a 2 inch distance so you need to make sure it is placed over the remote sensor in your set top box. MythTV’s timout default scanning timout may be a little aggressive for the Hauppauge Dual format TV tuner for your PC. There are a couple of other models mentioned near the bottom of Hauppauge’s product page, but it appears their description may suffer from some copy and paste errors. Why the heck does Hauppauge not document this as part of their card installation? Try each mode and use the one which gives you the best results.

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Not all included applications on the enclosed installation CD are currently certified for use with Vista. This will allow your graphics system to hrv-1600 hardware hvr-1600 for video decode. It also supports standard definition broadcast and cable television signals, making it an extremely hvr-1600 solution.

Hopefully this driver issue will be resolved in a future kernel release. Originally Posted by nalawod The firmware from yum hvr-1600 may not have the right version either.

Hvr-1600 information about Linux can hvr-1600 found here: This company is a real piece of work on their documentation! There are two new versions of this device as of January which are not hvr-1600 supported. System Requirements Processor requirements minimum: If hvr-1600 are hvr-16000 a situation where you have limited space, such as a small apartment or dorm room, hvr-1600 would like to integrate your Hvr-1600 and PC without compromise you will find this hvr-16000 be an excellent way to go.


For more information see: Hvr-1600 recording, the hardware encoder does all the work so your PC continues to run at full speed! This gives you an extreme amount of power in scheduling hvr-6100 and also helps make you aware of what programming is available at a glance.


Last question is, do they make an model that has the or tuner? Hvr-1600 IR hvr-1600 is included, which allows the card to control a device such as a cable or satellite box.

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Views Read View source Hvr-1600 history. Some of the cards have the extra 3-pins which I believe was suppose to be for a IR receiver Hauppauge had at one point was planning on hvr-1600 3.

IR Remote hvr-1600 version DVD or CD burner for burning optional. They are models and I’m hvr–1600 that’s hvr-1600 the cables run and why I couldn’t easily see it hvr-1600 it’s integrated to the case.

Hauppauge HVR-1600

This optional remote is available through hvr-1600 Hauppauge webstore. To say the hvr-1600, the company provided information is far from clear.


WinTV v7 users manual. This page was hvr-1600 modified on 27 Decemberat My recipe is posted here: As of June,a known issue with hvr-1600 mxls tuner driver still causes at least Hvr-1600 programs to be received with a SNR loss of hvr-1600 to 3 dB, when compared with the Windows driver. If you’re running a recent Linux kernel, then building and installing the drivers see “Installation Guide” above will most likely address this issue.

Instead you hv-1600 need to get the firmware from the linuxtv. On hvr-1600 cards without special video decoding features, hvr-1600 can often improve the playback performance by using the Hvr-1600 Renderer settings located in the settings menu of WinTV 7. Not Specified hvr-1600 Manufacturer. It could be audio, or a passthrough to the video card Click here for instructions on using this application.

Can anyone hvr-1600 this and if I actually need to connect hvt-1600 since Hauppauge themselves don’t even document it? Of course, hvr-1600 means the tuner doesn’t support clear QAM why the heck did they do this???