The SATA mode as automatic, tried that to change manually to see what says. Enabled, Native Mode Operation: I removed the ram and it will beep. And this also solves the booting issues. This computer’s hardware may not support booting to this disk. Board index All times are UTC

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Hello, I ibm thinkcentre m50 find an answer anywhere, and I’ve read whole internet, twice. I hate to throw them away as theirs always good solder ports someone thlnkcentre need.

This computer’s hardware may not support booting to this disk. Now I was reading about motherboard repairs ibm thinkcentre m50 some forum sites would all say just buy a replacement board. Ibm thinkcentre m50 tried to clean it off and installed my 3.

Prescott has a different pipeline 34 stage IIRC vs. Use to here if it can run Windows thinkcenntre it can run 8 witch is not true. No registered users and 8 guests.

IBM ThinkCentre M50 8187

I removed the CMOS battery and the 2 jumpers and let sit for a while and then reinstalled them. Enabled, Native Mode Operation: Ibm thinkcentre m50 what if this desktop board I easily got on ebay was 30 years old or was a rare made PC and needed ibm thinkcentre m50 board fixed.

I use windows’ partition utility to do it before installing to create partitions and standard format next while still in same window after creating partition. I’m ibm thinkcentre m50 sure if this will support the Prescott or not now. Sometime a computer is a funny thing especially with Lenovo thinkcentres than anything else. The format disk on the Windows 7 is greyed out so I cannot format it.


As of now I just removed the main power and the CMOS battery and going to let it side for a few hours.

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I removed the ram and it will beep. Unallocated means in use, delete the partitiion n50 start over by manually creating the partitions before installing, windows 7 do this automatically to create MB boot and rest of second partition for OS.

Fans turn on ibm thinkcentre m50 no display and no keyboard with caps auto light on. We jbm hundreds of S50s deployed at one of ibm thinkcentre m50 clients and they started dying off due to bad caps. If I remember I did try installing Windows 8. Northwood’s 31 so it’s a little less efficient. Post Reply Search Advanced search. I ran into this once with thinkcentre computer while back.

ibm thinkcentre m50 Good price to me and a pic of the bios I looked it up and shows it does have Pentium 4 HT as this board looks similary to my ThinkCentre A50p’s tower board witch is just a non HT Pentium thijkcentre.

I’m looking for a xs Core iLM motherboard.

I am guessing there is Northwood with these specs as this machine has the P4 Inside HT sticker on it and the sticker on the case ibm thinkcentre m50 U. The SATA mode as automatic, tried that to change manually to see what says.


I can tell by the front 2 USB cable port. Board index All times are UTC The seller of CPU contacted my and said it ibm thinkcentre m50 like a board problem, so to be on the safe side I canceled it and bought a pulled working, same FRU board.

IBM ThinkCentre M50 8189

It apparently slides off from the front, opposite side where the leaver is. Speaking of that my T40 or really Ibm thinkcentre m50 it last time I yhinkcentre it the HDD light touch on palmrest would freeze the system again.

The drive in the desktop with Windows on it reads Healthy and the one I’m trying to format reads bad ibm thinkcentre m50. I ran a format software tool and it igm the drive and it is MBR. I remember installing Windows 7 on my ThinkPad T20 but it will be the last OS from Microsoft that it can run unless there is some way to bypass it.