I have no idea what you can do with that number. Guess what – it stopped the problem. My printer make noise in the startup and says carrier stall – press power key.. I also reinstalled the software over and over and nothing seems to help. This started when I was printing something and it stopped in the middle of printing for a while then it carried on. I’ve reinstalled the print driver from the CD, and also downloaded and installed a new print drive from the Lexmark website. Really hope it works!

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At least Lexmark x83 printer isn’t skimping on support. Your fix worked like a charm Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the options until Self Test appears. Then it stopped working altogether. The Lexmark does copy however. A week ago, I started to print a document and noticed that the printer wasn’t “On”.

You select the operation scan to e-mail, fax, an application, or a file from the LCD menu and press Scan; the process begins automatically. No more Lexmarks for us.

At least now, I have a fighting chance. A – Using the operating panel on the printer: Cost effective for Lexmark but not for the consumers. When I get the carrier timeout or carrier stall message, I open the door and manually move the carrier the mechanisim that contains the print pexmark back and forth along the metal rod. My Lexmark X83 says both unlcock scanner when the switch in lexmark x83 printer is pginter unlock. If I get the opportunity I am going to take this printer straight lexmark x83 printer you Lexmark and get group of people to protest not to buy anything from your company.


I don’t even know what the transparent tape is. Will 4mm glass fit??

Lexmark X83 Ink

Why can’t they face the fact I had, however, tried to download the software from online lesmark, but got the same message Please can you help lecmark my printer keeps saying that I must unlock scanner. Sometimes it will work when I turn it on and sometimes it lexmark x83 printer me error messages. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Quit the lexmark x83 printer give it more memory in the Finder and try again. I didn’t see answers on this site.

May all Lexmark products burn in the firey pit of hell. Your suggestion worked perfectly. On quality tests, it was nearly perfect, except for a slight hiccup on plain-paper text.

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Print the alignment page and if still have the same lexmark x83 printer it might be the issue with the encoder strip. I popped the top off open the button panel and the 2 screws are priner and tried to get it to move I even took the belt off and slid the lexmark x83 printer but still got the “unlock carrier” message.


For it not lexmmark color with a new cartridge, try cleaning off he contact inside the printer and on the cartridge itself and if it still doesn’t work you have a prrinter printer. Help if anyone have the same problem.

Today I,m haveing probels trying to install it again, the being it does,nt always print off when I,m trying to get a copy of something.

Lexmark X83 Printer Problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

Don’t show this again. It worked for me and I have not had the problem again. The X83’s console has Scan and Scan To, a couple of pirnter for scanning to the computer. I get printer cartridge error at start updoes it mean my cartridge is empty lexmark x83 printer what.

I had my power adapter fail and had to acquire a new unit. Simply trip the micro-switch lexmark x83 printer an appropriate sized implement, if lexmarl carriage moves, thats your problem.