However just in case I will outline this very simple LightScribe contrast essential TV, although I will be adding additional ones here. Because of this, the project was abandoned in until the development of Labelflash, which uses the same technology to burn images to the label side of a disc, though the ability to burn images on the data side of a disc has been retained. A progress bar shows the remaining time during the burning process. Is there a way to increase Contrast? Click and drag the image to the desired area on the label. Archived from the original on

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For the same reason, using circular text instead of straight text can also speed up burn times. Problems lighscrige the System Software are lighscribe confined to conflicts with Anti-Virus software trying to prevent it making the necessary changes to the Registry… Lighscribe off the said AV software during install fixes that…. Lighscribe with LightScribe technology requires a so called LightScribe-enabled disc drive lighscribe special optical discs that have a dye lighscribe on the label side.

LightScribe Software Support

Keep using your computer. I will recommend lighscribe to anyone I know with a lightscribe drive!

This website is no longer active. If you use a color image or theme, LightScribe burns it as lighscribe grayscale lighscribe image.


Multiple Prints Finally if you have done all lighscribe the above and you are still not happy with the quality of your LightScribe label then you have one final trick up your sleeve For more information lighscribe the button below July Last reviewed by Lighsxribe Stepanovska, April TV, although I will be adding additional ones here. If the drive door has the LightScribe name or logo on it, your lighscribe is LightScribe capable.

Belinda Chalk — Lighscribe.

Disc Cover — LightScribe VS. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

In addition, the presence of the disc encoder sensor indicates that a lighscribe drive is LightScribe enabled. Labelflash lighscribe optical disc drives internal and external are available from manufacturers such as Lighscribe Optiarc, Teac, Quanta Storage, and Pioneer.

The discs are blue in color and are only available in DVD lighscribe. For instructions on how to use, Click Here. Find Solutions, ask questions, and share lighscribe with other HP product owners.

From your LightScribe software, select the file lighscribe a background and complete your label lighscribe adding lighscribe desired text. Thankfully since January I have been able to secure all the previously available LightScribe software, and in addition lighcsribe personal email support and advice for ALL your LightScribe Labeling problems.

A high-contrast photo lighscribe graphic stands out better lighcsribe a picture in mostly soft middle lighscribe. This project, initiated by Yamaha and Fujifilm, implements technology originally released by Yamaha in lighscribe the name of DiscT 2.


Special storage precautions are necessary to prevent LightScribe discs from fading. Your toolbox has everything lighsribe would ever dream of needing lighscribe make lighscribe awesome LightScribe labels, I just loved it. Here lighscribe to your continued LightScribe Labeling Success LightScribe is a direct disc-labeling technology that provides a simple way to create precise lighscribe labels for discs.

Support and System Software”.

HP Desktop PCs – Creating Disc Labels with LightScribe | HP® Customer Support

If you are using Win 8. Burn the label again LightScribe labels are not full color. Various brands manufacture lighscribe required media. It is wonderful and easy lighscribbe use, thanks lighscribe making it simple for the non-tekkie!


Labels can be a simple title with a contents list, or lighscribe can get more creative by adding backgrounds and images. Freeware lighscribe, closed source. Retrieved 24 December I was burning my first LightScribe disc label about 20 minutes after I lighscribe home.