Simply horrifying, and they are not liable for the data losses… their service agreements state that you the customer is using their services at your own risk. Did you not consider the data recovery route? The drive’s body is silver-colored plastic and the black side pieces are slightly rubbery, reminiscent of the rest of the OneTouch III family. Along the way Joel e I did this below and all the error messages stopped and I could move and copy all the files that caused these errors:

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Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition – The Gadgeteer

Toll-free phone support is available weekdays from 8 a. Can you kindly email the software to ktranx7 yahoo.

Once the initial settings are made, a backup can be performed. There are no limits to the amount of data you can store.

I think its essential to have 2 external backup disks. He specifically mentioned http: How cool is that? No Mac Support http: Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Maxtor one touch mini iii the drive and the oen software is a snap. However, as per your review I had uii backup fail. The whole routine takes just a couple of minutes.

You definitely have a point…but think about how many important hard copy documents have been lost or destroyed because of rain, fire, mishandling, etc. I have my laptop backed up now with room to spare!


OneTouch III Desktop

Computers are fallible, and gouch will crash at the most inopportune and inconvenient times. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

I have the 40gb drive and purchased the drive because of maxtor one touch mini iii review and secondly I liked the idea of a one touch backup button. You can read the FAQ here ; this Maxtor hard drive comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The icon is red and says the backup failed.

Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition

Still, it’s no behemoth. But even though other drives win out in the gigabyte footrace, the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is a light, svelte, easy-to-use companion for the laptop user. Next it is possible to customize the setting for the lone button on the exterior of the case.

A while ago, I discovered Carbonite. I have maxtor one touch mini iii feeling that hitting jii OneTouch button may become a compulsive habit while writing reviews in the future…thank you Maxtor! Do you know why they are prone to crashing? I thought the same thing when I first tried it, so go ahead and push it a little harder.

I need the software to be able to input the password in order to access the drive. The Backup button shows when the drive is set for Automatic Toucb or not, and at what time they are scheduled.


Systems Building the highest performing and scalable data storage infrastructure possible. All because the medium, this wonderful electromagnetic medium, is so damned fragile. I used to be able to get a maxtor one touch mini iii history but it is gone now also. Otherwise, you could just get by with one portable backup drive.

Also, though GB is more than enough to back up maxtor one touch mini iii notebooks, it will fill up mighty fast if used as a depository for uncompressed video and audio. VistaBackup Software Updated button software to mibi the backup software built into Vista using the OneTouch button on the drive. Miini in 60GB or GB versions, the hard drive is clad in a matte silver metal case with black rubberized plastic sides. All that was left was a FrontPage document in the correct folder with the correct title.