The impressive overclocking options coupled with our new XP processor from AMD ensured that we would be furnished with a reasonable overclock. With a plethora of features and a spiffy red PCB, the board immediately grabs your attention with its quality appearance and craftsmanship. Let’s have a look at how our protagonists got on when set to calculate Pi to 10 million places. The results were consistent to within 0. The manual is well written and intuitively easy to understand. A similar story unfolds here.

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MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU Specs – CNET

Let’s illustrate our point pictorially. We believe the fact that there is a difference is testament to the slightly increased memory throughput available to the Athlon at DDR Thankfully, we have more than enough room around the CPU socket to mount large coolers. We see an increasing number of memory manufacturers citing DDR as the their preferred memory of The demo we chose was Valley of the Jaguar, one which contains a massive amount of geometry.

The better memory optimisations at synchronous mode for the Msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e board manage to see it oust the Asus board once more, even though the Asus was clocked marginally higher. We msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e the heatsink and were glad to see MSI had the care and attention to use thermal paste as a conduit between the Northbridge and heatsink. If motherboards were judged on aesthetics, the MSI would score very highly.


Msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e Lobby tests are known to be especially bandwidth-hungry, a fact that is borne out by our results.

Put simply, it calculates the constant Pi to X million decimal places using the fastest method kf3. One AGP 4X slot. Our attempts proved futile. One detraction is that the bluetooth connection is shared with one of the USB 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Here we see an interesting result. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

At first utra, the numbers look disarmingly similar. Although not directly in the way, it can be a nuisance if, like us, you change your AGP cards often. Subjective listening revealed that whilst not on a par with Nforce’s excellent APU, the on-board solution was more than adequate for general Windows duty, we’d say it was on a par with Msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e excellent 87xx series of codecs.

MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Motherboard Review | HotHardware

Faster, More Endurance Than With a simple click, all of the files needed are downloaded and installed in one smooth operation.

It seems as if Via are waiting for AMD to make the first move and then follow with a compliant ms-6380f. The differences are only significant in benchmarking mi, we challenge anybody to tell the visual difference between msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e fps respectively.

We’re using Xmpeg 2. Installation msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e a breeze with no untoward incidents to report.

MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Motherboard Review

Not only do you have to navigate the ATX connector across the CPU cooler, it also becomes difficult to reach and unclip when removing the motherboard, especially if you use a large cooler.


Msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e of the theoretical talk, let’s turn our attention to one of the first full-production motherboards to boast the new KT insignia. This site is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Click to find out more. Reviews News Blogs Images Shop. FSB selection is flexible too, ranging from – Mhz in 1Mhz increments, something which the overclocking and tweaking community will be grateful for. Layout Starting at the top and working our msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e down, we see the ATX power connector is located at the uotra the top left of the board.

Overall, we’re pretty pleased with the layout of the board. Support from most major motherboard manufacturers was quickly garnered, a partnership that has successfully lasted until the present day.

Again, running asynchronously offers a benefit. Downloading drivers is one thing, but downloading and updating the BIOS msi kt3 ultra ms-6380e Windows sounds a bit risky to me. Features and Installation The extensive specification list informs you that this board is jam-packed with features.