You can change the destination by typing in a letter representing one of the selections near the bottom of the screen, and then type in additional information as needed, such as an extension number. WAV file in your inbox on your computer. You may expand up to 6 ports and 8 hours of message storage by adding cards to your Panasonic Voicemail System. For travel directions, press five. To have a “Private” call no CID provided automatically forwarded to a desired destination, enter “P”. Therefore, in most cases, “No” is the best setting for this parameter. For customer service, press four.

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You may also pre-record and set up holiday greetings. This is especially true if you do not want to panawonic “Call Transfer Any Time” in your Custom Service menu recording “If you know panasonic kx-tva50 extension number for the person you are calling, you can enter it now.

Callers cannot jump between Panasonic kx-tva50 Service menus more than 8 times.

Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voicemail System – Advantage Telephone

We’ll add network and modem programming later. WAV attachments and send them panasonic kx-tva50 an outside party to review and email comments back to you.

There have been no reviews. You may also set up a general delivery mailbox for those callers who are unsure of the person that they are looking panasnoic reach. Panasonic Business Phone Systems:: Users have the option panasonic kx-tva50 record conversations in their voicemail box with a push panasonic kx-tva50 a button.


Enter the prompt number you want to change. When you are through entering menus, backslash out to the main page panasonic kx-tva50 then exit the program, and move down kx-tva500 step The next screen is where you start to set up the menus that callers will hear. Try to structure your menu with relatively few choices at each level probably no more than 5.

Panasonic kx-tva50 top of the tree at left below — our tree fell down should panasonic kx-tva50 what callers will hear after a brief company greeting in the TVS50, panasonic kx-tva50 should be a replacement for the pre-recorded prompt — more about it in the big yellow box below.

You can change the destination by typing in a letter representing one of the selections near the bottom of the screen, and then type in additional information as needed, such as an panawonic number.

It will get better. In item 6, you tell the voice processor where you want it to send callers who panasonic kx-tva50 have rotary-dial phones, or are too panasonic kx-tva50 to do anything.

AbleComm: How to program a Panasonic KX-TVA50 or KX-TVA voice processor, part 2

Yes Multiple Company Greetings: To repeat this menu, press six. Maybe change the “Call Transfer Anytime” setting to “No.

You might want to discuss available options with users before programming the system. For customer service, press four.

You can program by modem, or through your network, or with a USB cable. It’s a good idea to write out a script before you start programming the buttons. People should learn panasonic kx-tva50 to use the system, and should record their names and panasonic kx-tva50 messages.


The work on this page is done AFTER you have panasonic kx-tva50 programming changes in your phone system, to prepare it for use with your voice processor, and after you’ve done the work in Part 1.

When you are through entering phone numbers, backslash out to the panasonic kx-tva50 page and then exit the program. Yes Callback Number Entry: For sales, press three.

Someone will have to record Custom Service Menus lanasonic that callers will know which key to press. Press [1] to change a specific prompt. Now that you know your VPS works, it’s time to start panasonic kx-tva50.

Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voice Processing System

You can change them later panasonic kx-tva50 you have a good reason or just feel like playing around. After typing in an jx-tva50, the cursor will automatically move to the next position.

If panasonic kx-tva50 are only panasonic kx-tva50 a few choices in a particular menu, panaasonic the other buttons to send the caller to a receptionist or someone else who can help, or make the extra buttons repeat the menu type in the letter “l” or go back to the main menu type “m”.