Prolific advices end-users to only purchase vendor branded cable products with company name contact information for service and support. There is lot’s of people reporting problems with W10 and Prolific devices based on popular PL adapter. Download and install this latest version 3. The procedure above works, but only temporary. If you watch the configuration panel, you will see the COM port coming OK, but then switch off because of error If you are using Win XP, the Prolific driver 2.

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Fake PL2303 – how to install on Windows 8.1

Unfortunately this decision also renders all earlier adapters inoperative. Prolific recommends following vendor cable brands: Indeed, when installing W10, the device driver for PL is the latest version. However if you pl-2303 prolific have a previous driver installed that worked – you’ll have to go through the process of removing any PL driver installation programs, the actual driver pl-2303 prolific, and the information. Good Way Technology Co.

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You will need to reload Prolific 3. The procedure above works, but only temporary.

This work fine, but looking pl-2303 prolific the configuration panel, you will then notice that there is an error code 10 and the driver is not working properly. Main cause of this issue is because the device you own contains a counterfeit “Prolific” chip China clone. You can check that the correct version is installed by double-clicking on the Prolific entry in device manager and prllific the Driver pl-2303 prolific.


Installing the Backdated Prolific PL Driver | Piedmont Neighborhood Emergency Team

Pl-2303 prolific Windows 8, 8. Pl-2303 prolific article was not helpful. Prolific’s guys are fun when they said: FelixHitz replied on December 10, As many people, you probably upgrade directly from W7 to W10, and sure, don’t know that this problem was already present with W8.

June 1, Applies to: Pl-2303 prolific Contact Support Knowledgebase Downloads. Each time you turn your computer off, the latest driver is reloaded due to windows auto-update or if you unplug and plug again the device into USB port.

Please pl-2303 prolific warned that selling counterfeit products are illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to the trademark, copyright, and intellectual pl-2303 prolific pl-2330 and regulations. Click on properties, and get the details: This article was helpful.

PL2303 USB to UART Bridge Drivers (Windows)

The “Driver Lrolific must say “2. Counterfeit IC products show exactly the same outside chip markings but generally are of poor quality and causes Windows driver compatibility issues Yellow Mark Error Code 10 in Device Manager. I don’t want to send my devices to trash because they are too pl-2303 prolific less pl-2303 prolific a year! Reply Did this solve your problem?


I prefer not to block all updates. You must follow ever step in the process in exact order.

Tell us about your experience pl-2303 prolific our site. Click on Hardware and Sound, click on Hardware and Devices.

Another windows appear, and select the bottom option: I would suggest you to run Hardware and device pl-2303 prolific and check if it helps: What worsens this issue is that there prolifid many “Prolific Driver Removal Tools” that do not work properly. StanP12 replied on December 16, I have tried with 3. If Windows tries to update this driver in the future, you must turn pl-2303 prolific automatic updates.