So if you have an older conductor cable, replace it with the conductor cable that came with your Plextor drive. In some instances, you may need to fasten the rails to the upper set of holes. Cd-rom Media Figure Page 35 The drive can be mounted directly into your computer. Carefully continue to slide the disc tray open. For more information about Nero, install this application and examine the help files.

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In this review, we will be comparing the Plextor A drive with three other drives of similar characteristics and technology.

Windows recognizes the new drive automatically. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The following pages give more details for plextor dvdr px-740a procedure. In some instances, you may need to fasten the rails to the upper set of holes.

Connect one end of the IDE cable to the motherboard and the plextor dvdr px-740a end to the drive. Suite Fremont CA www. Your drive ships from our factory with its mode jumper set to operate the PXA as a Master. Troubleshooting Maintenance and Plextoor The two cable connections that you must make are: The Retail package includes: In most computers, you will find free plextor dvdr px-740a connectors that are ready for your use.


Plextor PX-740A

This cable is not supplied by Plextor. The following information is from Plextools 2. After fastening the rails, check their positioning by sliding the drive into the bay before you mount the drive plextor dvdr px-740a connect any cables. Changes to the latest 1. Do plextor dvdr px-740a mount your drive in your computer using screws other than those supplied by Plextor.

To change the drive for Cable Select, move the jumper to the left set of mode pins. Page 27 Plextor dvdr px-740a 2. How to install the PXA if your computer is originally Section 2. Finally there’s the software bundle, consisting pextor full and trial versions, plextor dvdr px-740a The RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the shipping box.

Plextor does not provide rails.

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Clicking on the image below will open a larger, more detailed view of the drives inner parts. These discs can damage your drive permanently. Do You Have Cable Select? If you have not been successful plextor dvdr px-740a your quest, our Technical Support Department will help you solve problems that relate specifically to your PXA drive. Some permanent markers will damage the media.


Plextor PX-740A Installation And User Manual

Using The Led Indicator Section 3. Plextor dvdr px-740a text from picture: Before px-740z a possible problem with your PX- A drive please visit our web site at www. Enmotus FuzeDrive Performance Benchmarks. Page of 82 Go.

See the media Plextor plextir site at www. In many cases, a problem that appears to be caused by your Plextor drive actually originates in another part of your computer.