Jul 19, camera news. The difference between the two Red-Eye modes is that the auto mode puts the camera in charge of when to use the flash, while the Flash On mode fires the flash with every exposure. High resolution, weather-sealed bodies and wide dynamic range are all important. Jul 26, 61 mobile. Optical distortion on the S30 was lower than average at the wide-angle setting, where we measured an 0.

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Low-Light Tests Very good results even at the lowest light level we test at.

Canon PowerShot S30 Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

And because of the numerous buttons on the back, it’s unsuited for easy one-handed shooting. Though the Auto k white balance setting produced a very warm image with a sepia tint, both the Incandescent k and Manual k settings produced more accurate results. These give you a little more creative control powershot s30 your image powershot s30.

Beneath the Mode dial, the Replay button automatically puts the camera in Replay mode from any Shooting position. Because the S30 relies on its LCD display powershot s30 viewing and selecting some of its settings, it can be powsrshot of a drain on the power supply. Visit our free Photo Lessons area! The UK’s recent heatwave has provided a glimpse into Britain and Powershot s30 history, revealing the outlines of ancient structures and buried features in the grounds of powershot s30 buildings.

Depress the Set button, then fully depress the Shutter button to start the series. The S30’s stainless-steel body has the look and feel of a high-quality precision instrument. This weather-sealed lens – ‘matte silver’ in color with a bold green hood – has a total of 19 elements, a nine-blade aperture and five stops of shake reduction according z30 Fujifilm.


In our powetshot, the S30’s flash powershot s30 brightest to about nine feet from the target. Macro Shot powershot s30. Why all this excitement about Nikon ML?

In addition to these features, poowershot S30 also offers expanded ISO options, an additional metering mode, and the first direct-to-inkjet printer connection, enabling the user to make prints not only to the Canon C Photo Card Printer, but also to the company’s newest inkjet “bubble-jet” in Canon’s terminology printer, the SD.

Canon PowerShot S30

Powershot s30 modular photo editing system. Night Scene mode uses a slow shutter speed to capture powershot s30 color and detail of any evening setting, along with a flash exposure to illuminate the primary subject in the foreground. Powerful plwershot flash, fired by the camera’s pre-flash. Thus, this preview is almost identical to the one for the S The PowerShot S40 features a 3. Portrait, Night Scene, and Landscape all make automatic camera adjustments to optimize settings for specified shooting conditions.

Whats the hurry now? DigitalBenchmarks labs rated performance as average, powershot s30 a boot-up time of 5.

Play to Record, first shot 2. To end the recording, press the Shutter button again.

Press the “set” button on the Multicontroller to erase, or the right arrow and then the set button to return to normal playback. Things on the Internet may look like they’re free, but they’re not.


powershot s30

Canon PowerShot S30 Specs – CNET

The Interval shooting mode is only available through the RemoteCapture software not on the cameraand sets the camera to record a series of images at set intervals, creating the effect of time-lapse photography. Pretty good detail, good color, has a hard time with the strong highlights. In the various manual exposure modes, you can optionally select which AF frame is used via the Multicontroller.

The Shutter button is located to the right of the Mode dial, and powershot s30 Zoom button is located in front of it. As our first evaluation unit was powwershot prototype model, powershot s30 did not test the flash range, but we did note that the flash significantly powershot s30 close-up images.

Canon announce PowerShot S30 and S40

Although, these cards powershot s30 still be purchased. The Play menu offers the following selections:. Though the Incandescent and Manual settings produced nearly accurate results, the Incandescent setting produced a warm cast while the Manual setting resulted in a slightly greenish appearance. As it slides closed, the cover stops just short of powershot s30 lens barrel, giving it time to retract and shut down before you can close the cover completely preventing the dreaded “bumped lens” syndrome.