There used to be a great tool for remote computer access called LogMeIn. If she clicks ok, it just pops that message back up again. Nov 29, 8: Is there a similar workaround? Early this year, they suggested I make a registry change in an attempt to disable the audio capability of the Pro version. So this is still a recurring issue.

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How to uninstall LogMeIn on Mac

Jul 30, 4: Fran June 14, The Pro version simply does not handle very high end 1, to 5, audio cards with multiple input and output audio streams. Oct 13, 9: We have Logmein central, and with Logmein free model it was perfect. Logmen am also using the Android app and logmeij suffers much the same problem and the option in the settings menu doesn’t remove logmein sound make sense.

Ever since i did this, when i log in to the computer Logmein no longer takes control of the audio.

This helped, the advice in this form at http: Remove logmein sound having the same issue and getting nowhere with the normal support channels Thanks!


Unfortunately, the change is just not at a ‘low enough level’ in the Pro version to work. Is there a similar workaround?

After rebooting the computer, LogMeIn should be uninstalled. Fix Galaxy Note 4 reboot Please, please, please give remove logmein sound a way to completely disable all possibility that the remote machine’s logmmein will be changed at all! There used to be a great tool for remote computer access called LogMeIn.

We have mission critical computers that cannot have their audio system touched or compromised in any way. This is desperately needed.

How to get rid of LogMeIn on your Mac if you’ve deleted the App.

If she checks either of the allow buttons it asks for Parental Control userid and password. You were right on.

You are a life saver!!!! I agree with you. Is there NO fix for this?

Annamarie July 28, I was able to delightfully use the free souund as it did remove logmein sound have sound streaming. Logging off and restarting does nothing.


Remote sound at best freaks out myself and those near my systems.

How to resolve Error with manual install command line install. I found what seemed to be the right sort of preference buried in something called ” Deployable Host Preferences “, but couldn’t find where to set that up.

Mar 28, 1: Question remove logmein sound as Solved User remove logmein sound for user: If there isn’t a preference I can use, please help me understand what the appropriate current workaround is to acheive remote-sound safety.

So this is still a recurring issue.

How do I uninstall LogMeIn for Mac manually?

Lognein Comments Feb 5, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. My application is now totally broken. Oct 6, 3: