Update Registration It appears that the same product is registered more than once in your account. Overall Overall score reflects how great you think this hardware is. No, if you really want to cut through all the marketing hype pay closer attention to the displays’ viewing angles. VGA connection that transmits analog component video signals via 15 shielded pins at the end of a cable. To curb potential theft the Syncmaster BW has a Kensington lock receptacle on the back. Part of the reason why Samsung has so many 22″ models is because they offer monitors tailored to just about any setting, from sleek multimedia sets to minimalistic business models. Which stand you get seems to depend on where the monitor was purchased.

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Product Weight With Stand. Supplied are DVI and Analog video cable, and power plug. Go back one level. Input Search Keyword Search close menu.

Static Contrast Ratio 1, Hovering between the cheaper but aging 17″ screens and the expensive but only slightly larger 20″ screens, the 19″ widescreen LCD provided the best value for a long time. Related Articles Here are a few other articles that you might enjoy as well Today we will be looking at one of the latest samsung syncmaster 2243bw to the 22″ market segment, the Samsung BW.

Degrees from side to side and above to below from which a screen can be viewed without loss of quality. The Syncmaster BW’s samsung syncmaster 2243bw is rated at a quick 5ms G-to-G pixel refresh rate, so rapid screen movements were ghost free.


Overall Overall score reflects how great you think this hardware is. samsung syncmaster 2243bw

We aren’t in favour of glossy bezels on LCD monitors because light tends to reflects off the surface, but thankfully the screen itself isn’t glossy. Enter your email address and samsung syncmaster 2243bw code to reset your password.

samsung syncmaster 2243bw Will you be the new owner of a pair of Jabra headphones? To curb potential theft the Syncmaster BW has a Kensington lock receptacle on the back. Get access to our best offers and giveaways.

Shipping Weight Weight of the samsung syncmaster 2243bw, including shipping container, as measured in pounds lb. There are literally dozens of syncmastre models that Samsung offers outside of the US, although many of these are samsung syncmaster 2243bw more than localized versions.

Affordable, Dead-Silent Media Streaming. Instead each certification is meant for a different class or group of office product. Press return twice to start your list 1.

Samsung SyncMaster 2243BWX LCD monitor

The 22″ widescreen Samsung Syncmaster BW LCD display falls into the latter category, and so it is samsung syncmaster 2243bw definitely oriented towards budget-minded and gaming crowds.

Custom Chassis, Blinding Speed. Black levels are quite rich, detail is good and the overall image was sharp. The dynamic Magicbright setting can generate weird effects in gaming environments where the screen rapidly changes from dark to highly contrast scenes.

For more information, please visit HP’s website: In dark environments it is hard to navigate samsung syncmaster 2243bw OSD menu because the button icons are embossed in a dark gray, so visually there isn’t much contrast against the black plastic to guide your fingertip to right spot. The bigger the difference between light and dark, samsung syncmaster 2243bw more samsung syncmaster 2243bw images will appear.


It does not have physical power switch to cut out down on phantom power consumption, the power supply is self contained in the back of the screen. For this evaluation, we will be looking at the basic BW with a 4-way adjustable stand. Finally, the WM has built-in stereo speakers. TCO’03 certifies that any monitor bearing its mark meets a minimum level of specification concerning display resolution, brightness, contrast, reflections, color reproduction, ergonomics, electromagnetic emissions, electrical safety, energy usage and environmental impact ecology.

The BW seems to be the business oriented model as it is the only one with TCO’03 certification and it sports flat black paint.

Samsung SyncMaster BW monitor for PC Gaming by Samsung

Earn rewards for the things you do every day. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The screen is rated for a 5ms pixel samsung syncmaster 2243bw time, but minor light syncmatser through was visible around the bevel on an all black test screen.