Very quiet and very trendy. I remember my uni computer geek friends saying that more Mhz wasn’t always better, but again don’t even know what a standard PC would have nower days. Its not helped that at the moment this PC is the only one in the house that sort of works, the ‘free’ windows 10 upgrade on my laptop has made it about as useful and reliable as an italian made chocolate teapot. The manual says a maximum of 2GB total, what would happen if I put more in? Would this card work and be an improvement?

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Is it worth shuttle xpc sn41g a better one anyway? It seems what this means is Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 I guess if the mounting holes are in the wrong places I can move stuff about, but I just don’t know what size board it needs.

Zod 34, posts months. I just shuttle xpc sn41g like throwing it things that are working especially as the case fits in nicely under the TV. I had a chance to have a look at the PC this evening and got it working, I think something was a bit loose?

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Its a small form factor cube PC that in its day was suuttle well spec’d and would place games like counterstrike and halflife quite happily. Shuttle xpc sn41g much as it pains me to shuttle xpc sn41g out old kit, it’s just too heavy to ship anywhere and it’s not economical to upgrade compared shittle just buying an ebay laptop.


Oddly enough I’ve got a Shuttle XPC sat here gathering dust since it was retired last year from my father in law.

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From my perspective it’s great that CPUs can figure out how to safely overclock themselves so that I don’t have to bother. I think the later shuttles use mini itx shuttle xpc sn41g the earlier ones were different. Cases Systems Previous page Xp page. Finally, late last year, commercial nForce2 products finally arrived. PH Shuttle xpc sn41g Buying Guide.

I think I’ll have to do so measuring and checking. I’ve looked into this before and it’s very difficult, because you won’t be shuttle xpc sn41g pxc find a motherboard that will have the connections for the Shuttle front panel and it is most likely that the CPU socket will be in the wrong place amongst other problems.

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Shuttle has sold hundreds of thousands of the things, and it looks like they’re just getting started. I’ve used about 3 shuttles in a row and I would strongly advise just buying the latest of shuttle xpc sn41g stuff, or look at something like a silverstone mini-itx sj41g which opens up a boarder selection of shhuttle party motherboards but has a price tag to go with the flexibility.

The board that’s in it at the moment has only got shuttle xpc sn41g card slots, but the mini at ones seem to have 3, so don’t know if they’ll fit.


Latest News Prior Convictions: Keep reading to find out. The internet seems to suggest I can sn41t a mini-itx motherboard with a bit of fettling. I’ve been doing some more reading of changing the motherboard and it does just end up with shuttle xpc sn41g bodge.

The graphics card has got a noisy shutttle and hasn’t been plugged in for years, so if could well have cooked itself. Browse cars for sale. shuttle xpc sn41g

Just to let you know that I have replied in case it gets eaten by some mail monsters somewhere. Would be good to see someone shuttle xpc sn41g some use out of it. Where abouts are you? I might pull mine to bits on the weekend and see if theres anything wrong with it, and take some measurements and do some more research.

Shuttle xpc sn41g remember my uni computer geek friends saying that more Mhz wasn’t always better, but again don’t even know what a standard PC would have nower days.

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Has anyone put a non-Shuttle motherboard into a Shuttle case? As for processors, I never can’t remember what its got or even what is good now. Anything else I should look at?