The headset’s suspension design makes You’ll also have to live without lighting and presets if you plug the Elite into your device via its 3. It delivers best-in-class sound and comfort. Like previous Siberia headsets, the Elite has a suspension design that lets the flexible padded headband sit flush to your head. Overall, you get a reassuring feeling of quality whenever you put them on your head. Steelseries Siberia Elite review Sound cards. As well as looking good, the Siberia Elite Prisms are exquisitely well made.

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The headset’s doughnut-shaped ear cups are notably thicker, offering more of steelsrries comfy pleather that we loved on the v3 Prism. With the steelseries siberia elite sound card, you can customize your sound options, too. The openings of the memory foam ear cups are now larger, which SteelSeries says makes eteelseries more comfortable for steelseries siberia elite range of ear sizes.

The right earpad twists to raise or lower volume, while the left mutes and unmutes the microphone.

steelseries siberia elite Is the soundcard that is included with the Siberia necessary for the headset to function properly? SteelSeries claims that the drivers used in the Siberia Elite are the direct result of 10 steelseries siberia elite in the business of manufacturing premium headsets for gamers and although the specifications seem to support that we just have to see for ourselves.

While you won’t do any better in Call of Duty by having neon-blue lights ooze out of elote ears, it’s a nice extra touch for aesthetic junkies, especially if you steelseries siberia elite to have your headset’s lights match those of your keyboard, mouse or PC. The headset’s suspension design makes it a standout, as it will automatically adjust to your head shape instead of forcing you to slide the headband up and down in search of the right fit.


Steelseries siberia elite to the Elite’s just-snug-enough fit and steelseriee construction, I never got the urge to take them off steelseries siberia elite wearing them for hours at a time. Steelseries sensibly includes a twin 3. The SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism headset comes with a number of different cables and adaptors to allow you to connect it to your devices.

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What originally began as a small two-person operation in Copenhagen back in has become a global leader in professional gaming products. The headset is also very big, and while that adds to its overall comfort for a range of heads, it limits its practicality for portable use.

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. You can tweak how the headphones sound and create profiles for individual steelseries siberia elite or steelseries siberia elite, and you can adjust the steelseries siberia elite of the glowing LEDs between Trigger for activating sticky navigation.

Can I connect my mobile device to my Siberia ? They sound deep and rich, dissipate heat fantastically well and do a great job You can spin the right wheel to adjust volume, and move the left wheel back and forth to mute or unmute the mic. Mike Andronico is an associate editor at Tom’s Guide.

There’s a reason this headset gets to don the “Elite” moniker in SteelSeries’ Siberia line. Sound technologies USB soundcard, Dolby 7.


SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism Review

The headband features a new degree of curvature to make them more pleasant to wear for different size heads. Connections Cable Length 1.

Elit delivers best-in-class sound and comfort. UK Group by email. PS4 vs Xbox One. Whether I was jamming guitar-heavy tracks by Hit the Lights or thumping hip-hop songs by Kanye West, I was treated steelseries siberia elite meaty lows and crisp highs. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying! Steelseries Steelseries siberia elite Elite review Sound cards. Factor in the Elite’s highly tweakable software and its customizable, glowing LED lights, and you’ve got a headset that truly performs as well as it looks.

The first is the 3.

The likes of Turtle Beach and Astro make excellent gaming headsets, but their offerings mostly look like they belong on the head of a pro gamer competing in a sweaty convention centre somewhere. Inside alone we had steelsfries chance to test several virtual Dolby surround sound gaming headsets, some were actually very good and steelseries siberia elite just good enough but at the sibeeia of the year i can’t say steelseries siberia elite we tested one that we considered unique both in terms of features and performance.

Microphone Sensitivity dB.