You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I was able to record using my Ovation guitar but even after several hours of continuous reconfiguration, I wasn’t able to get the vocals or keyboards recognized. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Absolute tag cloud ableton audio interface avid daw focusrite guitar interface ipad Korg microphone musikmesse namm namm Native Instruments Novation review roland se electronics synth tc electronic. As such, I guess I’d have a harder time recommending the mkII for live applications. I picked this unit up at my local GC to meet some very basic needs: I was aware of that some people had issues with it.

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This is a garbage in garbage out item. With the updated UI from M-Audio, this card is simply amazing.

This renders all recordings useless, especially when you use it for guitar amp modeling with distortion. It does a great job.

Accessories For Orchestral Strings. And my decision is In theory this is a great tascqm for a good price. It pays to check reviews on these things, and I hope Tascam us 122mkii just saved you from a horrible nightmare. I use this to record guitars and vocals into cubase le5, and it does what its supposed to and it sounds decent. I have never ever had tascam us 122mkii problem with it.

I have tascam us 122mkii Tascam’s recommendations to reduce the noise, including disabling anti-virus software, changing performance settings, manually turning background programs off, tascam us 122mkii but I still get the noise. Or will the Alesis IO2 kill things off in the dying moments? With condenser MXL or dynamic EV mics the gain had to be turned up almost to the max resulting in noticeable hiss coming into the recording. Ordering information Pricing not available There is a character limit.


Additionally, the ability to output all your sound through your interface means that you can keep your speaker cables connected to your interface at all times, without having to switch back to your computer after you’ve finished recording. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars.

As the USmkII excepting the following. Therefore, tascam us 122mkii has the great advantage in that it does not need to be plugged into a separate power source to run. I downloaded Firmware update 2.

Tascam USMKII – USB Computer Audio Interface USMKII

It’s another difficult one to call. With a clean install of windows 7 and updated drivers etc.

I would recommend asking a local music store to order it if they don’t already have one or more in stock and bring it home tascam us 122mkii try it. FinallyI boiled down to a hardware issue with the Tascam. Categories New products By brand Audio and data connectors Video and RF connectors Power connectors and distribution Connection panels and stageboxes Fibre optic cables, connectors and interfaces Cable assemblies, patchcords and leads Cables Cabling accessories and tools Bags and cases Racks, rack accessories and hardware Lights, clocks, furniture, fittings and equipment supports Memory, media, labelling and tascam us 122mkii effects Powering Microphones Radio Microphones Microphone supports, amplifiers, powering and accessories Headphones, headsets, earpieces, amplifiers and wireless systems Hearing protection and noise control Record, replay tascam us 122mkii radio receivers Audio interfacing Video interfacing, processing, monitoring and camera accessories Audio mixers and processing Amplification Loudspeakers and audio monitoring Test and measurement Communications and datacoms Index By brand Index New products Special offers Clearance list Remainder list.


Which interface offers the most flexibility for the user?

Best I ever used. While unboxing it I found that the knobs were very wobbly and made out of thin plastic. Note, the device is completely dead until you tascam us 122mkii the tacsam, only then does the USB light come on.

I will be sending mine back to Tascam asap!


tascam us 122mkii Sound quality of the pre’s is decent, and lag with supplied ASIO drivers is minimal, even with some latency tweaking to conserve RAM usage in the bit system. USB tascam us 122mkii B connector 4-pin Format: If you wanted to record 2 guitar signals, it is still possible with the Tascam USMkIIbut will just have to be done in two separate recordings.

Google “tascam us mkii pops” and you will see what Tasxam mean.

Horrible noise issues screaming from the Tascam even when there is zero chance of crosstalk. Later I built a new system. Tascam us 122mkii, not much in it, but the sub-hundred pound price tag definitely makes the IO2 a little more attractive on this front.