Toshiba selected good components for the M What are the ergonomics of the M like? Follow mastermaq Buy me a coffee. I ran the Windows Experience test, which resulted in an overall drop from what I had under Vista:. In Canada the standard configuration is the Centrino package, which includes the 1. The keyboard has been chopped in all the right places and that leaves the user with a very usable layout.

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You can change your settings at any time. The porteve tacky plastic that Compaq used on the Presario and Evo laptops would be almost perfect as a covering for all or part of this case.

Toshiba Portege M Review (pics, specs) and Tablet PC Overview

The concept seems to be a logical next step for computers. It is nice to start using a laptop out of the box pirtege than having to tweak something as basis as the touch pad. Additional warranty coverage is available direct from Toshiba when you purchase or register your notebook — including an accident replacement warranty. Playing toshiba m200 portege games on the M did not uncover any nasty ghosting, but too be honest ghosting prtege getting increasingly rare on Toshiba m200 portege — even the bargain priced ones.

At the time I was writing this article Toshiba introduces a refreshed M with a 1. A casualty of the standard spec is Bluetooth, which toshiba m200 portege available as a build to order option in the USA. In other words they are slick and not grippy. Size comparison of the Toshibw M view larger image A laptop at this price should be built like a bank vault; the M is not quite there yet.


This makes disaster recovery very inconvenient. I restarted it, but the same thing happened. In general there is a toshiba m200 portege of creaking from the M chassis.

Right toshiba m200 portege profile of the Toshiba Portege M view larger image And this brings me to perhaps my biggest complaint; the M does not include an optical drive of any kind. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts toshiba m200 portege email. People with big fingertips may have problems with this touch pad, but then again those folks may not be the target audience for small products like these.

Touch pads are another area where I have had mixed results. Given the slippery nature of the M, prtege may want to consider the optional three-year accident toshiba m200 portege Toshiba offers. These are premium laptops with premium prices — why make users buy the drive as an accessory?

Portégé MC – Toshiba

The install proceeded normally, and as quickly as I had come to expect from Windows 7. View angle toshiba m200 portege the M screen is not very good. The first hurdle was the same as last time — the lack of a DVD drive in the tablet.

Unfortunately, when carrying the M around protege will discover that some of the portegd on the bottom of the machine, in particular the RAM door, are quite flimsy toshiba m200 portege the touch.

Keyboard and touchpad for the Toshiba Portege M view larger image. It is stiffer than the Toshiba m200 portege M2 units I have tried, but not close to the stiffness of the Portege R keyboard.

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toshiba m200 portege A Tablet is something designed to be carried with you. Keyboard and touchpad for the Toshiba Portege M view larger image Touch pads are another area where I have had portdge results. Basically, OneNote is a must have application for any tablet, and is bundled with most.


Backside profile of Toshiba Portege M view larger image.

Toshkba article has a primary purpose, to tell you about the M and give you some perspective regarding how toshiba m200 portege rates and also a secondary purpose to tell you a little bit about the Tablet PC platform. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Pocket Email. Visit our network of sites: I have to admit to wanting to try one of these units for toshiba m200 portege while.

This can expose build quality issues.

Toshiba Portege M200 Review (pics, specs) and Tablet PC Overview

With a screen that has degree toshiba m200 portege on one toshiba m200 portege and degree on another, this should not be too much of a problem — but some people need to know this type of information. Portability means you will be holding it in places where someone would not usually pick up and carry a laptop.

Toshiba claims that the Portege M is the best selling Tablet PC at least in Canada so I figured this was as good a place as any to start my Tablet experience.