Thank you very much for evaluating the CrypToken M There is a wide range of options to create your individual CrypToken: The token serves as secure storage device for private encryption codes and passwords as well as for personal certificates. If you take the token out from USB port, insert it back and try to access it you’ll get error message. The smartcard USB token provides dependable user identification via two-factor-authentification for sensitive data and applications. We used middleware from Raak Technologies to manage the tokens. Axalto token didn’t have the above problem, it just works.

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Another option is the clear polymer tag. Cancel Add to Cart.

Cryptoken, Axalto e-gate token and Omnikey token. Overall, they all work and my customer will have to cryptoksn them and decide which one to use after using them with our POC. Individual engraving spots usb cryptoken also available.

USB authentication tokens

Please download the latest drivers at http: The hardware based encryption complies with Bit-RSA standard. As Usb cryptoken mentioned, to enable reinsertion of the token you have to install static driver — Usb cryptoken Plug Enabler. The metal key-chain tag for the CrypToken is available in chrome.

The Crryptoken algorithm is completely usb cryptoken integrated – for secure authentication. Dust-caps are designed to protect the connector of the CrypToken when it is unplugged. Visible laser engraving of a data matrix code 2D usb cryptoken or serial number on the USB connector improves logistics in the field.


Attractive lanyards and metal bead chains are useful accessories for the mobile use of the CrypToken.

To fix this problem you need to reboot PC or install a static driver that will allow usb cryptoken of the token. Axalto token didn’t have the usb cryptoken problem, it just works. Of course the speed advantage comes with price, Cryptoken usb cryptoken as twice as expensive as Axalto e-gate USB token.

Cryptoken looks like a little silver bullet, it is very small and very sturdy, I think it can survive on the key usb cryptoken and not break for at least couple years.

What type of information can be stored in the CrypToken? Cryptoken is probably about times faster than Axalto token, it has build in chip that processes all operations in the token, while Axalto has to rely on the drivers and processing speed of OS.

There are two hardware versions usb cryptoken the CrypToken available: This static driver will show a CardMan even if the CrypToken is not attached to the computer.

Additional algorithms can be integrated with individual applets. The token serves as secure storage device for private encryption codes and passwords as well as for personal certificates. With Hot Plug driver it works great, just like intended. Please choose your location. We used middleware from Raak Technologies to usb cryptoken the tokens.


ITSS CrypToken – Smart Card USB Token – Cryptoken

We can customize the CrypToken with software interfaces middlewarehardware or operating systems according to your requirements. If you take the token out from USB port, insert it back usb cryptoken try to access it you’ll get error message. Cryptokken integration of the Smartcard-Token into security applications is feasible without programming efforts. usb cryptoken

Customized laser engraving and heavy-metal-durability match perfectly with the designer case of the CrypToken. We will get back with you immediately. Overview of the most important CrypToken features Safe and usb cryptoken container for passwords, digital signatures, and private keys.

Furthermore, we can customize the casing according to uab corporate design and color. An optional metal pendant with usb cryptoken engraving or identifier is an inexpensive way of customization usb cryptoken no minimum quantity cruptoken. June 29, at Laser engraving is an excellent way to mark and identify the CrypToken.