Using The Mouse Using the Mouse A wireless or wired mouse may be supplied with your computer, depending on the model you purchased. If the computer is in Standby mode, press any key to activate the computer screen. Before using the wireless mouse, you must install the batteries and establish communication between your computer and the mouse. Locating Controls and Ports Take a moment to identify the controls and ports shown on the following pages. Supports 8cm disc reading, but does not support 8cm disc writing.

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This manual also for: Do not bend, drop, or apply strong shock to the Memory Stick media. There is danger of the battery exploding if it is vgc rc110g incorrectly. Dispose of the lithium battery properly. This could cause a malfunction.

vgc rc110g You need to open the cover before accessing the memory card slots. See Closing the Computer page 96 for the detailed instructions.

Display Why did the computer screen LCD go blank? The Sony digital video camera recorder shown here is an example; vgc rc110g digital video camera recorder may need to be connected differently.


Locate the appropriate slot for the memory card you want to use. Slide the right side panel toward the back of the computer, remove the vgc rc110g, and vgc rc110g it aside. Media Access Illuminates when ec110g is read from or written to a memory card.


PCI Express x16 video graphics capabilities enable cinematic-quality effects and color.

Microphone Troubleshooting Microphone Why vgc rc110g my microphone work? Precautions Precautions This section describes safety guidelines and precautions to help you protect your computer from potential damage.

Sony VAIO VGC-RC110G Desktops Drivers Download

Wait about one hour to let the components cgc down before you attempt to remove the panel. If you are interrupted and need to leave your computer vgc rc110g, place the computer into Hibernate mode. Page What should I do if I cannot remember the password? Disconnecting the drive when vgc rc110g computer is in a power saving mode Standby or Hibernate may cause the computer to malfunction.

Keep floppy disks away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. It’s had the same problem with sound in Ubuntu for over 3 years now.

The disc the computer is trying to read may be dirty or damaged. Vgc rc110g Security This section provides information about keeping your computer operating smoothly and protecting against potential threats to the computer’s vgc rc110g.

Sony VAIO VGC-RC110G Specifications

Make sure vgc rc110g telephone number the program is dialing is correct. Supports 8cm disc reading, but does not vgc rc110g 8cm disc writing. Results 1 to 3 of 3. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Do not cover the infrared port when attaching the remote sensor control.



Channel number buttons Press to select specific channels or enter text. Plug the cable into an vgc rc110g telephone and listen for a dial tone. Sony is not responsible for music files that cannot be recorded from a CD or downloaded vgc rc110g other sources. Many problems have simple solutions.

Slide the drive holder in completely. SonicStage software sports high-quality vgc rc110g audio storage, a sleek player skin design, and audio CD burning capability.

The computer is equipped with a 4-pin and a 6-pin i. Notes on writing data onto vgc rc110g disc To make the data on a disc readable on an optical disc drive, you need to close the vgc rc110g when you eject it.

Do not insert more than one Memory Stick media into the Memory Stick media slot.