Restore the main registry branches. Frankly, what’s amazing is that you’re a part of a very small few who is having any trouble like this. So here’s a good dilema for you Is there any way of disabling the coinstalled driver? Have you tried to install the chipset drivers and checked if it works?

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We’re waiting on a copy of the Dell Recovery CD This site in other languages x. In reply to Samhrutha G’s post on July 6, Windows xp usb keyboard you can access Safe Mode, you are in Windows.

(Solved) – USB Keyboard and Mouse not recognized at windows logon « How-To Geek Forums

If in case of none of the keyboard is working via USB then windowd a PS2 keyboard or try updating the drivers.

Since we have got them, they have had random problems with the keyboard not working anymore. In this case, starting the installer file will bring you to windows xp usb keyboard screen shown below.

I have tried windows xp usb keyboard the unsigned driver, but then it complains it cannot find it and still will not let the ICH9 driver load. Once you’ve reviewed the licensing agreement, click the radio button next to ‘ accept the terms of the license agreement ‘, then click ‘Next’ to continue and ‘Install’ in the window that opens after this.


I could not use my ps2 for both my keyboard and windows xp usb keyboard but if I use usb keyboard and mouse it work okay. Can someone please give insight? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. If you get no response when connecting your device, try connecting to different USB ports, and test with a different cable if possible.

How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs, and replace product manuals: Father’s Day Gift Guide. Once ‘Maintenance Complete’ windows xp usb keyboard displayed, click ‘Finish’.

Will my Windows XP computer work with a USB keyboard?

If no restore points are available click here. I installed an antivirus that didn’t work and uninstalled it. Did you try any other options in the recovery console?

I am having the same problem I have done it. I have also tried switching usb port on the computer. And like the poster above, I did everything windows xp usb keyboard could think to make it work, and finally I was able to do it.

You need Windows XP installation disc to complete a repair install. I tried a system restore and they never went through. Windows just won’t listen to it. Can keyboards carry over malware?

Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. Post as a guest Name.


USB Keyboard & Controller – Windows XP Installation Guide

Since windws the keyboard does not work anymore. Gosh I hope it’s not that simple and I’m not that stupid. This occurred immediately after a windows update.

Share this article with your friends: The most common example is a machine such as my old desktop machine. Using the keyboard that had come with it The same Keybkard had been using with my old computer for a time it worked perfectly until it too fell victim to this strange error.

I would imagine keyboqrd the USB drivers or such are now toast because of the hard drive corruption that was obvious from the results of the repair by chkdsk. I have the windows xp usb keyboard problem, worked in bios and safe mode adminster but not user account, so i make a new user account and saved the data from windows xp usb keyboard account doc and settings.